Pop culture-inspired Halloween treats

Every October, the candy corn, Frankenstein fingers, pretzel broomsticks, and creepy crawlies are out in full force at Halloween parties everywhere. From cute, to grotesque, here are some pop-culture-inspired Halloween treats to get your friends ready for this spooktacular holiday!

1. Bloody Claw Mark Cupcakes

How many times have you gasped as a claw scrapes the wall, leaving nothing but a bloody claw mark in its place? If you want to give your friends the shivers, try these tasty and terror-inflicting cupcakes.

Source: Now That’s Peachy

2. Goosebumps Punch

A right of passage in childhood, Goosebumps, was a popular taste of horror in the 90s that recently got its reboot a few years ago. The oozing green slime was the series’ trademark, and it makes the perfect Halloween drink. This punch is not only nostalgic, but it’s green and gooey, and probably pretty tasty, too.

Source: Sugar & Soul

3. Eyeball Cocktail

Nothing elicits a scream from your friends’ mouths faster than an eyeball in their cocktail. You can grab an eyeball ice cube tray from Amazon, or make your own with this recipe from liquor.com!

Source: liquor.com

4. Brain Dip

Every true zombie knows that a party ain’t a party without some delicious brains on the menu. This dip looks so much like the real thing, your friends might be too chicken to give it a try (jokes on them, it’s pretty darn tasty!)

Source: Homemade Hooplah

5. Stranger Things Cake

While the cake itself might not have your friends running away in horror, the thought of being stuck in the upside-down certainly will. This cake will bring back the dark and scary memories from Season One of the beloved Netflix show.

Source: Notey

6. Frankenstein’s Feet

Though he might be depicted more often as cute rather than creepy, Frankenstein’s limbs can make any party go from cute to creepy in a matter of seconds. These meatloaf feet aren’t the most appetizing to look at, but we’re sure we’d be hitting the food table for seconds with this delicious recipe!

Source: My Name Is Snickerdoodle

What are your favourite creepy snacks around Halloween time? Are you planning any creepy parties? Share your recipes with us by tagging us @BeMakeful or by using our hashtag #BeMakeful. We’ll share our favourites across our social media channels!