It’s Time To Bake a Popcorn Birthday Cake

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Popcorn an cake lovers unite! We're making a delicious, funfetti popcorn cake that will blow your mind. Try this super fun (and super YUM) twist on traditional birthday cake decorating!

Love cake? Check. Love popcorn? Check. Cake and popcorn mixed together in a funfetti-frosting dream? Check, check, and CHECK! Ok, let’s make a birthday cake using popcorn and sprinkles for a fluffy and crunchy twist on cake decoration.

1. Make a white cake mix and add 1/4 cup rainbow sprinkles to the mix and bake according to instructions. SO pretty already!

2. Now for the popcorn; you’ll need 6 cups popcorn, 1 1/2 cups melted white almond bark, 1/4 cup vegetable shortening, 1 white cake mix.

3. Stir shortening into the melted almond bark. Add melted mixture to your cake mix and stir to combine

4. Pour the whole mixture over popcorn and use a spoon to coat it evenly. Pro Tip: Use two spoons and toss the popcorn mixture like a salad!

5. Immediately add sprinkles to your popcorn mixture and toss once more. Now you’re ready to decorate!

6. Frost your cake (Need a refresher? Click HERE!), then top it with your rainbow sprinkled gooey popcorn goodness!

Yum! You’re ready for a popcorn party!