5 Small Space Living Hacks To Try Now

Until we've deprived ourselves of enough avocados to afford our dream home, we're making due with our small, "fun size" apartments. If you're looking for a few ways to maximize your living space without sacrificing anything in the design department, we've got the tips and tricks to help you make small space living work for you!

Get Creative With Storage SpacesThere’ll be no room for a monster under your bed if you utilize that empty space to store your extra stuff! Many organization companies make boxes that are specifically designed to go under the bed. A great hack? Add drawer dividers to keep everything super organized. Under the bed storage like a storage bag or storage box are great options for out of season clothing or items you don’t wear all that often like your rain boots, winter parka, or your platform party heels. You can also get furniture that doubles as extra hideaway storage like a trunk for a coffee table or a storage bench as dining room seating.

Throw Out ClutterIt seems obvious but even the best of us hang onto stuff that we really should toss. Any shoes or clothes that don’t fit or that you haven’t worn in forever shouldn’t be taking up precious space in your home. Ditto with old issues of magazines, half-taken pill bottles, and expired cosmetics. The Minimalists have an awesome and easy system for getting rid of clutter: The 90/90 Rule. Pick up a possession. Literally anything in your house. Have you used it in the last 90 days? If not, can you see yourself using it in the next 90? If not- it gets the boot! Obviously, hang onto things with sentimental value, but if you’re on the fence, chances are you don’t need it.

Get an Open Clothing Rack

Does your fun size apartment have little to no closet space? No problem when you invest in a chic wardrobe rack that looks great out in the open! After you’ve tossed out all that clothing that doesn’t fit or work anymore, you can feel free to put your remaining duds on display. Lots of organization stores have great options to buy, or you can make your own out of copper piping like we did. It’s like having an extra furniture piece that is also super functional! Plus, open racks feel way lighter and more spacious than a closed up armoire.

Go Vertical

Use your walls as an interactive gallery by displaying things that you use on the reg; cookbooks, magazines, or meaningful photos. Open shelving is also a great way to increase storage space while keeping your apartment design feeling nice and open. Pick uniform shelves in lighter colors to really maximize your wall space without it feeling like you have heavy cabinetry closing in on you. Another way to make your shelves feel styled and open is to cover your books with pretty paper like we did for our #shelfie moment! Use baskets for anything you don’t want out in plain sight. Don’t forget to add all your favorite knick knacks as little accents, but make sure to not go overboard!

Use Room Dividers

Source: Doherty Design Studio

Living in a small space doesn’t have to feel like a one-room cluster. Use open bookcases or a pretty, gauzy curtain to differentiate between spaces. Place a divider between your bed and your couch to keep your sleeping area separate from your workspace. That way, it feels like there are more rooms in your house than there actually are!

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