5 Unique Chalkboard Decor Ideas

There's something about using chalkboards in the house... perhaps it's the perfect combination of playful and practical. DIY chalkboard projects are a longtime favorite of creative people everywhere because they're so versatile; you can change them whenever you fancy! Here are 5 super unique chalkboard decor ideas we're loving right now. Enjoy!

1. Wall Calendar Leave it to Martha to come up with a new spin on a classic staple. Wall calendars have always been a great way to keep you organized at-a-glance, but this multi-colored chalkboard version seriously ups the design ante. It’s so much more interesting than plain ol’ black and white and gives some serious personality to the room.

2. Cheeseboard Pass the cheese, please! Slate serving boards have the awesome perk of being the perfect surface for labeling with chalk. Many slate slabs, like this one from Williams Sonoma, actually come with a piece of soapstone chalk attached. Now you never have to worry about mixing up the blue and brie again! Phew!

Bring in some color! Who says chalkboards have to be black and white all the time? This DIY project from A Beautiful Mess shows you how to mix your own chalkboard paint in any color you want. It’s a great way to bring some creativity and life to a kids’ room or a home office.

4. Wine Bottle Labels Spraying wine bottles with a coat of chalkboard paint is a super easy upcycle that costs almost nothing. And if you’re throwing a party, they make great centerpieces or table number markers. Nervous about drawing on a curved surface? You can grab pre-printed labels online too!

5. Chalkboard Labels like these ones from the Gold Jelly Bean are a quick and easy DIY and a really cute way to streamline all your kitchen storage. Plus, they’re erasable so you can switch up the label to go with what’s inside anytime you want!