8 Easy Spring Updates for Your Office

Ahhh, spring has officially sprung! Bring on the sunshine, nature, and of course, a decor refresh! From inspirational artwork to motivate your hustle, to pretty pencil and pen "pick me ups"; here are 8 easy and affordable ways to update your office space for spring.

1. Get inspired!

Source: Curate and Display

Set the tone of your office space with a mood board or an inspirational quote to get motivated, and start your creative juices flowing. You can DIY your own art using some acrylic paint and canvas, or customize your own pegboard and keep it as a mood board for all of your magazine cut outs, pin-up cute greeting cards, save fabric swatches you like – the possibilities are endless! Since this is goign to be the main thing you see while you’re getting your hustle on, make sure to let us be the one place of inspiration that is going to continue inspiring your hustle.

2. Get to spring cleaning!

Source: Nous Decor

What’s one of the best ways to refresh your office for spring? Out with the old and in with the new! Get rid of all those old papers and files you no longer need. Rip out the recipes or ideas you like from old magazines and recycle the rest. Get rid of your outdated 10-year-old tax returns. It feels SO good!

Helpful tip: Set a timer on your phone in 30-minute increments to help stay focused while getting rid of old stuff. It keeps you on task and feels like the job is so much shorter and more manageable if you’re only doing it for 30 minutes! Reward yourself with some chic new storage for your newly organized files. Organization boxes are an easy and cheap way to introduce an energetic pop of color like this bright pink that Nous Decor did!

3. Get fresh cut flowers.

Source: Design Wine Dine

Nothing brightens up a space like fresh cut flowers! You don’t have to break the bank at a florist either. Just pick up some blooms at your local farmer’s market or even your local grocery store. Pick a bright color like sunshine yellow or hot pink for an extra mood boost. Or if you prefer a minimal chic, go for an all white vibe. If you need some inspiration, check out our Girl’s Guide to Floral Arranging here!

4. Bring in a potted plant or a chic terrarium.

Looking for a way to bring the outdoors inside that lasts a little longer than a bouquet of flowers? How about a pretty terrarium like this one we made ourselves, or an indoor plant that will last for weeks (even months)? This is a great option if your thumbs are less than green…hey, we don’t judge!

5. Get a pencil cup pick-me-up!

Source: The Elgin Avenue

Make writing your to-do list that much more fun with some pretty new pens and pencils! Get cute patterns, chic metallics, and even a pop of color for a small but mighty desk refresh. Rifle Paper Co and Kate Spade have amazing picks, but you can find super affordable options online or at many discount stores.

6. Put some spring in your step with a new rug. 

Source: The Fancy Things

Want to transform your workspace in the blink of an eye? Add a brand new rug. Adding a new rug is a fast, easy way to totally change the look of a whole space! It’s a great way to try out a new color or pattern without a ton of commitment. This spring, try out one of the new decor trends like a palm leaf “urban jungle” print, African patterns, or a traditional pattern in modern blush pinks and grays.

7. Switch out your throw pillow.

Source: Le Fashion

And finally, for the laziest of the lazy – wanna know the easiest way to switch up the color scheme in any room? Add a new throw pillow! Not only does it offer some support while you work, it’s easy on the eyes when you’re not using the desk. Throw pillows are usually pretty inexpensive so it’s also a great way to try out a trend you’ve been curious about. Take the plunge!

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