#Blessed Banner DIY

The holiday season let's add some sparkle to your life. Forget the same old plastic hand me down garlands from the parents (sorrynotsorry)…Make your holiday shimmer with a chic and youthful DIY holiday (or ANYday, really) banner. After all, this season is the perfect time to give thanks for all our #blessings, and reflect on the year you’ve had. From your crazy fam, to your big girl job, to your fabulous friends- you, Miss, are #blessed.

  • 5" wooden letters available at most craft stores
  • gold spray paint
  • 6-8 ft. long wide wire ribbon
  • about 3 ft. twine use 4
  • hot glue gun or glue dots



Step 1: Spread the letters out and spray paint them gold, making sure to get the edges. Let dry for about 15 minutes then apply a second coat. While the paint is still wet, shake some gold glitter onto the #hashtag sign for extra shimmer!


Step 2:  Let the letters dry completely. Use the hot glue gun to attach the center of a piece of twine to the back of each letter, leaving about 3-inches on either side. Make sure to attach the twine as close to the same height as possible for all the letters. I measured 1-inch down from the top, just to be safe.


Step 3: Once the hot glue is completely dry, tie the letters evenly onto your ribbon. I measured 6 inches between each letter, but you can adjust according to how long you want your banner to be.

Step 4: Snip the ends of the ribbon and hang it up!


This banner looks awesome draped on a chimney with care, as an outdoor holiday decoration, and everywhere in between.