Cork Organizer | 3 Min DIY w/ Jeanine Amapola

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Today's 3 Minute DIY with Jeanine Amapola is sure to liven up your desk space! We're showing you how to make super cute cork organizers to hold any and all of your office supplies. Cuz who doesn't love a good organization hack?

We love using a quick DIY to make a space our own! Follow along with Jeanine Amapola as she shows you how to make this adorable cork organizer that’s great to use anywhere in the house.

Step 1: Use your pen and ruler to make any geometric shape you choose. We’re making a super cute triangular pencil holder and this piece is gonna be the base! Cut the shape out using scissors or an X-Acto knife. Don’t worry if you can see some pen marks – since this is going to be the base, you won’t see it on the inside of the organizer.

Step 2: Now we’re going to make the sides! Line up the edge of the triangle piece with the edge of the large cork piece. That way you have a perfectly-sized side piece (lol, side piece). Measure out how tall you want it to be and make sure all the sides are the same height. Grab your scissors, and cut the sides out!

Step 3: Glue the sides onto the base using industrial glue, then glue them to each other. If it gets a little messy, don’t worry about it- washi tape is very forgiving and will hide any mistakes that may happen.

Step 4: Once the glue is completely dry, cover the seams with washi tape. It adds a cute pop of color and personality, and ties the whole thing together! Literally.


Now you’re ready to use your adorable new organizer! Toss in some pens and place it on your desk, or use it in other areas of the house; it makes a great toothbrush holder in the bathroom, or you can glue on a magnet and put it on the fridge. SO many possibilities!

Don’t forget to make it your own; paint it, switch up the washi tape, doodle on it with a marker- whatevs, girl. You do you. We’d love to see what you come up with so be sure to tag us on Instagram @bemakeful and use #bemakeful.

  • ruler
  • corkboard
  • Washi Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • X-Acto knife
  • glue