DIY Chalkboard Label Kitchen Herb Garden

Count back to all the times that you've been midway through creating an amazing recipe, and then realize you forgot to go get a fresh batch of rosemary to make your dinner even more amazing. Just think about how a trip to the grocery store while you're in the middle of cooking could have been avoided if you had a fresh batch of your specialty herb handy? With this easy and quick DIY, you'll be able to have your own herb garden right in your kitchen, and just in time for Earth Day! We decided to roll up our sleeves and use our green(ish) thumbs to use some chalkboard paint and some fresh plants to repurpose this popular storage solution from Ikea as an indoor herb garden. Fresh pesto comin' right up!

Spring has sprung and it’s the perfect time to try your hand at growing something green! This simple to make and easy to care for DIY indoor herb garden is the perfect spring refresh for your kitchen, not to mention a great way to celebrate Earth Day!

Step 1: Create an open band in the middle of each bucket by taping off a ring around the top and bottom. You can line the buckets up next to each other to make sure the bands are all the same size. You can do this project with terra cotta pots from the hardware store or nursery, but if you’re using Ikea’s Fintorp utensil holders, there already exists a groove around the top of the bucket that acts as a handy guide for the tape.

Step 2: Chalkboard paint tends to separate in the can, so make sure you give it a thorough shake and stir. Brush a coat of paint on the open band in the middle of each bucket. It’s okay if a little bit of the bucket is peeking through underneath because once the first coat dries thoroughly, we will add a second coat. Make sure to keep in mind that chalkboard paint goes on super thick and can take a while to set.

Step 3: When the paint has completely dried, carefully peel back the tape to reveal your chalkboard label. You can use this to label and mark everything from utensils, to pens and pencils, to cutlery; but in this case, we’re labeling our fresh herbs. Use a chalk paint pen for that super clean chalk look (rather than a traditional stick of chalk which can get dusty and messy). A nice perk? You can erase the chalk at any time and re-label later if you decide to switch it up.

Step 4: Time to pot your plants. We bought herbs in 4-inch pots and they fit absolutely perfectly without having to add additional soil to the bucket. The utensil holder even has a small drainage dish included in the bottom of each bucket which works perfectly so the herb’s roots don’t get too soggy. Pro Tip: A trick for potting plants? Squeeze around the entire plastic plant container, then flip the whole thing upside-down. The plant usually slides right out of the plastic and you can easily transfer it into your new pot.

Step 5: Attach the small designated hooks for the Fintorp rail and mount it to your kitchen wall. Align your hooks and hang your buckets. Now, all you need to remember is to water them regularly!

This kitchen hack adds such a lovely touch of green to the kitchen and not only that, it adds a breath of fresh air. Can’t wait to get cooking! We are so inspired to cook with our fresh herbs from our DIY indoor herb garden. so you can expect some rosemary potatoes, lemon thyme chicken, basil pesto recipes coming your way. Plus, we feel great knowing we’re celebrating Earth Day by bringing in more green into our homes and helping the environment while we’re at it!

Show us how your indoor herb garden looks in your kitchen by tagging us on Instagram and use #BeMakeful. Bon appétit and Happy Earth Day!

  • 1 Ikea Fintorp rail
  • 4 Ikea Fintorp utensil holders
  • 8 Ikea Fintorp hooks
  • painter's tape
  • chalkboard paint
  • paint brush
  • chalk pen
  • wall mounting supplies