DIY Chic Metallic Vases Upcycle | Obsessed

Do you have a bunch of clear glass vases under the sink that you've collected from the florist over the years? Give them a new look with this quick and easy DIY upcycle. All you need is some spray paint and a dream!

Step 1: Wash your vase with soap and water and make sure it’s totally dry. Dust or soap makes it hard for the paint to stick!


Step 2: Since we’re dealing with spray paint, it’s best to do this outside. Put your vase on a surface you don’t care about getting dirty.

Step 3: Holding your spray can about 12 inches away, give the vase a nice, even coat of paint. If you want a little light to shine through you can stop there, but if you want a more matte look, give it another coat or two.

Step 4: Let dry completely and then show off your stems.


And that’s it! Way to upgrade your plain old vases with some chic metallic shine.

  • Vase
  • Metallic Spray Paint