DIY Industrial Edison Bulb Light Fixture

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We love good lighting. Who doesn't? From our photos, to the impeccable bathroom lighting for our selfies, you know we can appreciate some good lighting. The same concept goes for the lighting in our homes and making sure that not only the lighting looks good, but the fixtures have to look good, too. Behold: this industrial edison bulb fixture that was beyond easy to make, and would look perfect for you home office set-up. Let's get to it.

So obviously, we have a things for copper piping. From wall hangings, to minimal plant holders, to even dog bowl holders, it’s safe to say we’re a little obsessed. Now why wouldn’t we add it to our home decor for lighting? See how we made this fixture in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Use your pipe cutter to cut one 3-ft long piece, and two 1-ft long pieces of 1/2-inch copper pipe (3 pieces total). Lay the pieces out on a flat surface so that the long piece is joined at either end to the shorter pieces by a copper elbow fitting. The male adapters should be at either end of the shorter pieces so that altogether the pipes and fittings make a U-shape.

Step 2: Use super glue to connect the pipes and fittings together. Work quickly because the super glue dries very quickly. Be sure to do this on a flat surface so that you don’t lose your even U-shape. If you let the pieces dry without laying them flat, your fixture will come out crooked. No fun.

Step 3: Once you’ve glued all your pipe and fitting together, screw the flanges on either end of the male adapters. Hold the pipe up to the wall and use a level (we used our handy dandy iPhone level, of course) to make sure both sides are even. Mark with a pencil to keep your place, then screw the screws into the flanges to mount the pipe fixture on the wall.

Step 4: Start wrapping the first light cord around the pipe and adjusting so the bulb end hangs at the length you want. Keep wrapping till the plug end of the cord goes all the way to the socket. Repeat with the other two cords. If you want to get the “messy on purpose” look that we have, leave room on the last cord to pull a few loops down towards the bulbs and soften the lines a bit. You can braid the plug-end cords together at the end to minimize tangles!

Step 5: You can mount your extension cord or surge protector by using an adhesive wall hanging tab, or even stick-on velcro strips! Pro Tip: It’s a nice perk to have a surge protector with a switch on it so you can turn the lights on and off without unplugging every time! Screw in your Edison bulbs and plug in your cords to reveal your beautiful new industrial-chic light fixture!

Loving this fixture and can’t wait to put it your home or office? Make sure to show us how you do it by tagging us on Instagram and using #BeMakeful for us to see!

  • 2 copper pipe male adapter
  • 2 copper pipe elbow joints
  • 2 flange
  • 3 ft 1/2-inch copper pipe
  • 3 edison bulbs
  • power strip or surge protector
  • Pipe Cutter
  • 8 wall screws