DIY Makeup Organizer and Bar Cart | Obsessed

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This week, Miss Kris is obsessed with metals. We're turning some copper pipes into an awesome (and functional!) makeup brush holder, upcycling a bar cart, and transforming some glass vases with just a can of spray paint! Get obsessed!

It’s kind of amazing what a little metallic shine can do to up your decor game. Join Miss Kris as she shows up some easy DIY upgrades using just a little bit of spray paint.

Metallic Bar Cart Upcycle:

So easy it’s craaaaay. Simply spray an even two coats of metallic spray paint onto your clean barcart. We got ours at Ikea, but any cart will do! Oooooo, shiny…

Metallic Makeup Brush Organizer:

For this project you’ll need: A base, industrial strength glue, PVC pipe, and a pipe cutter.

Step 1: Thinking about how many pipes will fit onto your base, cut a variety of lengths of pipe using your pipe cutter. This is easier than you’d think and all supplies are available at the local hardware store.

Step 2: Hit your newly cut pipes with a coat (or two!) of metallic spray paint. We used an uber gorgeous and modern rose gold. Let ’em dry for about 45 mins depending on how many coats you applied.

Step 3: Arrange your pipes any way you wish! You could vary the heights and switch it up like we did, you could go low to high, whatever you like best. Once you have the pipes laid out how you want them, simply glue the bottom of the pipe to the base and let dry. Industrial glue is crazy strong, so no need to slather- a light squeeze will do just fine.

Step 4: Once everything is completely dry, organize your brushes in your shiny new metallic brush holder. Bonus: it also works for holding lipglosses, Q-tips, pencils, mascara, and pretty much alllll the pretty-making things. Getting ready never looked so good.

We’d love to see how yours turned out! Tag us on Instagram @BeMakeful and use #makefulobsessed. And don’t forget to check out our article on using metallic spray paint to upcycle an old vase. We’re obsessed with metals!!


  • Bar Cart we got ours at Ikea
  • Metallic Spray Paint
  • industrial glue
  • Base for Brush Holder We used a piece of marble, but you could use wood, lucite, whatevs! Go crazy!
  • PVC pipe
  • Pipe Cutter