DIY Serape Blanket Lumbar Pillow

Making your room look good is one thing, and making it look cozy is another. However, comfort does not have to compromise style, and with this quick DIY that can be done with any blanket, you can give your bed an automatic upgrade and a brand new look for spring with just one standout pillow! Obviously, nice throw pillows can get expensive, especially if you're looking at places like Citizenry, but the best money-saver is to make it yourself. Here's how to get the look for less by DIYing your own gorgeous lumbar pillow from an affordable Serape blanket.

Throw pillows are a super easy way to update your room’s look; like how we did with these DIY watercolor pillows and this no-sew pom pom pillow! We wanted to DIY a pillow that created super elevated look after being inspired by the current trend of gorgeous global fabrics.

This DIY lumbar pillow is a chic way to use and display that Serape blanket you picked up on your last trip to Mexico, or even handed down from your family. The long silhouette can give your bedding a whole new look with its unique shape and bold pattern. The memories of your vacay can stay with you long after you get back with this super simple DIY.

Step 1: Measure out two long rectangles on your blanket. The length will vary depending on the design and pattern of your blanket but measure and arrange it so you have two identical rectangles of fabric, each with fringe on one end. It helps to pick a mid-point, ours was the black and white line pattern in the center, and measure out from there so you know it will land in the middle of the pillow when sewn. Our rectangles were 13 inches wide and 42 inches long.

Step 2: Lay the fabric rectangles on top of each other with the fringe on opposite sides. fold the fringe inwards on both sides, then pin around all the edges. The reason the fringe gets tucked in is that after you sew the fabric pieces together, you turn them inside out to create the pillow. When turned inside out, the fringe will appear on the outside of the pillow! Nifty, right?

Step 3: Using a basic stitch and a thick needle, sew the fabric together using a half-inch seam along both long sides and one short side, reinforcing the corners after you sew. Remember to take out your pins as you go so they don’t prick you or hurt the machine.

Step 4: Turn the pillow inside out so that the seams are now on the inside. Fill the pillow with batting; you can get batting or fiber fill at any craft or fabric store for super cheap.

Step 5: Tuck the seams in (but leave the fringe out!) and sew the final short side shut. Reinforce the ends by backtracking a couple stitches. Give it a final fluff and stand back to admire your masterpiece!

This is such a great “bang for your buck” piece that can truly take an entire room’s decor to the next level. Play with different patterns or colors to get just the right artisan-crafted feel you want for your space. Also, recognize that moon phase wall hanging? Love.

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  • serape blanket
  • fiber fill or batting
  • sewing machine (or old fashioned needle and thread!)