How To Make Water Marble Art Prints

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Call water marbling one of our favorite DIY techniques of the year. Thanks to water marbling, we've upped the ante on the decor in our homes without breaking the bank. Now, see how you can use this technique to bring some elevated looking prints to your gallery wall, created by you! That way when your friends ask who was the artist, you can just tell them it was you. *Kanye shurg*

This DIY is so easy, and also kinda addicting. I mean, we already used this technique on some gorgeous water marbled terra cotta pots and they look great sitting on the windowsill! But this time, rather than sticking to a monochromatic marble gray scale, we’re adding a pop of color, a dash of gold metallics, and some serious personality to create some stunning framed wall art. Not only that, you can do this print technique while cleaning up the water in between projects, so prints for everyone!

Step 1: Fill a large plastic tub or container with water. It’s best if the container is big enough that you can dip a sheet of paper into the top without having to fold or bend it at all. Spray 2-4 colors of paint into the water in quick rotation. The paint will rest on the surface of the water like magic! Keep going till you have a good film of paint on top of the water.

Step 2: QUICKLY (otherwise the paint won’t mix properly), drag a skewer through the paint to create a marble pattern. You can swirl the paint around in a haphazard way to give it a messier, more artistic look, or you can do a more calculated approach by dragging the skewer in a grid pattern to form a more streamlined look. Keep in mind you have to do this quickly – don’t overmix or the whole thing will dry out too much and become one big clump of paint.

Step 3: When you’ve mixed your paint into a pattern you like, lay your blank sheet of watercolor paper onto the surface of the water. Slowly press the sheet down into the water below. After it’s been completely submerged, carefully lift the paper from the water; your beautiful marbled paint pattern will be magically on the front side of the paper!

Step 4: Set the prints aside to dry. When they’re ready, choose your favorites and pop them into some frames that match your gallery wall.

You can hang these gorgeous marble prints as an accent in a gallery wall, or on their own as a stunning statement piece all on its own! You can choose more natural or muted grays and whites for a traditional marble look, or of course, you can spice things up with a pop of color like this bright pink, or moody blues.

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  • spray paint various colors
  • water
  • plastic tub
  • watercolor paper