DIY Wood Dowel Poster Hanger

If you have a lot of posters in your house to frame like I do, you know that the bill for frames can come out pretty hefty. However, there's always an alternative to mixing up your gallery wall that doesn't exactly have to include a frame to be on the wall. With this quick and easy DIY, you will have a new hanger for your posters that will keep them in tact and make them look great on your wall.

STEP 1: You will need 4 wooden dowels that are two inches wider than your poster. This poster was 14 inches, so I cut the dowels to 16 inches long to give enough room to wrap the wire. Cut four 1 foot pieces of copper wire to wrap around the dowels.

STEP 2: Using two of the dowels, begin wrapping the copper wire around to clasp the two dowels together. Use a plier to wrap the ends together and snap them off.

STEP 3: Place your poster in between the dowels to make room on the other end of the dowels to wrap the wire. Repeat step 2 and 3 for the bottom part of poster.

STEP 4: Tie string or twine to the end of the wood dowels, and then tie it on the other end. Make sure to keep it short, so the string isn’t too long on the gallery wall.

Such an easy way to frame your posters without having to buy a frame or stick your poster to the wall! If you liked this DIY and are looking to use it for your living space, let us know and make sure to tag us @BeMakeful!

  • poster
  • Wood dowels 2 inches longer than poster
  • gold copper wire
  • Pliers
  • twine or string