Easy DIY Lyric Pillow

You can make this project with any song lyrics, but I went with Bill Withers’ 1972 jam “Lean on Me”. The sentiment is a solid reminder that there will be days when we understandably need a friend to lean on. In addition, I find it delightfully dorky that you can literally lean on this pillow. This project makes a great gift for a special someone who will be reminded that you’re there if they need a hand. Plus, you know, it’s cute.

  • 1 fabric throw pillow
  • inkjet fabric printer paper
  • fabric glue

“Just call on me, brother, when you need a hand. We all need somebody to lean on.”
This tune is timeless as they say, and covered by everyone from Michael Bolton, to Garth Brooks, to The Muppets. So yeah, I mean it’s not winning many cool points but it wins on the longevity front.

We used “Lean On Me”, but when choosing your lyrics (see step 1), keep in mind you can make this a wedding gift, a breakup gift, a graduation gift or any kind of gift special occasion gift really. Or you can gift it to yourself. That’s what I did.

Step 1: Start by choosing a design that you’d like to print on your paper; I have found that text works best, but it is possible to print a full photo.

Step 2: After you’ve printed your design and let it dry for a minute or two, simply peel the fabric off of the paper backing. When you remove it, you have a clean, thin piece of fabric.

Step 3: Create a “hem” by folding or ironing the edges of your print over 1/4” and glue the edges down. Make sure you don’t use too much glue, otherwise it can bubble and start to look, well bad. Wait about 15-30 minutes for it to (mostly) dry.

Step 4: Run the glue, or the bond, along the now folded edge, making sure the line of glue is pretty thin, so it doesn’t run or create a mess. Carefully place the fabric square where you want it on your clean, dry pillow surface.

Step 5: Pat the fabric piece down making sure the glue sticks to both the pillow and your fabric square. Let dry flat.

Enjoy your awesome new personalized pillow or share it with a pal.


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