Easy DIY Summer No-Sew A-Frame Tent

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Remember how invincible we all felt as children inside our pillow and blanket forts? Sometimes you just need a cozy place to nest away from the world with some hot chocolate and your favorite book. String up some lights inside this no-sew DIY tent to create the perfect hideaway nook, and leave your troubles at the door. Or, if you’re eager to get outdoors and soak up the sunshine, use it to create some shade for yourself while lounging poolside with your best buddy and a spritzer! Whichever use for it you choose, this tent is quick to make, easily transportable, and no needle and thread required. Perfect for kids and adults alike!

STEP 1: Cut the velcro into 10 cm strips, 16 of them. Adhere four of them along the edge, in the inside of one of the pieces of fabric. Layer the 4 opposing velcro sides just above the ones we’ve placed, leaving about 7cm – 10cm inches of space in between. Repeat on the opposite side, length-wise, of the fabric.

STEP 2: Fold fabric up to cover the velcro, and iron from the other side. This will secure the velcro in place.

STEP 3: Take your wooden board, use a pencil to mark 10cm up from each end of the board. Use your drill to create a hole into each mark, and make the hole bigger with a spade bit. Repeat for each other board.

STEP 4: Take a wooden dowel and insert into one of the holes on a board. Attach another board to the opposite end of the dowel. Repeat with another dowel and two other pieces of wood, to create two separate “frames”.

STEP 5: Now we’re going to repeat on the other side, only we’re going to run the same dowel through all the pieces of wood – connecting them together to create a triangle. This will be the top of your tent.

STEP 6: Use a rolled up blanket to prop up the top “leg” of the frame. Grab your yarn and start wrapping it around the wood as decoration. Switch up with different colours of yarn — try out some fun patterns!

STEP 7: Once it’s all pretty and prepared, prop your frame up – it should start looking like a tent now!

STEP 8: Drape your sheet over the top and attach the ends to the bottom rungs where you adhered the velcro.

And there you have it! Quick, easy, and fun – a perfect reading nook, beach accessory, or even a gift to christen someone’s new backyard! Let us know how you made this DIY your own by tagging us @BeMakeful!

  • patterned fabric 3.5m x 1m
  • Iron-on Velcro 2.75m
  • 4 wood boards each 1.75m x 5cm x 2.5cm
  • wooden dowels or skewers 1.75m x 1.25cm
  • iron
  • Power drill + 1.25cm spade drill bit
  • pencil
  • A variety of colored yarns