Gold Patterned Terra Cotta Planters

Studies have shown that having plants in your home increases happiness, reduces stress, purifies the air, and can even help lower your blood pressure. Now those are some real friends with benefits. And while just having a plant or two is awesome, why not add some personality to the pot? We used gold spray paint for this project, but any color works.

  • terra cotta pots
  • painter's tape
  • gold spray paint
  • plant

Step 1: Thoroughly wash and dry your planters. They must be totally dry or the tape won’t stick.

Step 2: Tape out a pattern onto your pot if you wish- have fun & get creative! Make sure the tape edges are totally stuck down onto the pot, otherwise your gold paint will bleed underneath and ruin those nice, clean lines you so carefully taped out.

Step 3: Spray planters and dishes with an even coat of gold paint, holding the can 12-18 inches away. Let dry 10-15 minutes and give it a second coat if needed.

Step 4: Let dry 30-40 minutes, then slowly peel away tape to reveal your beautiful design.

Step 5: Making sure all paint is totally dry, pot your shrub of choice in your new, fancy planter and you’re golden! (too soon?)