Golden River Rocks Centerpiece

While leaving your Christmas lights on your porch past Valentine’s Day may be a faux-pas, you’ll want to keep this centerpiece around long after the holiday season is over. I love when Holiday decorations are versatile enough to be used year-round. Metallic gold feels celebratory and can liven up any room, all year. Not only is this centerpiece beautiful, but it's also easy and cheap to make.

  • 1 bag river rocks
  • gold spray paint
  • 1 Tray or Bowl
  • 2 white pillar candles or as many as will fit in your tray/bowl

Step 1: Thoroughly wash and dry the river rocks with dish soap. Make sure they are dry before the next step; otherwise, the gold paint won’t stick.

Step 2: Separate the rocks and evenly spray them with the gold paint, making sure to get the sides of the rocks.

Step 3: Let painted rocks dry overnight. *Optional step in a time crunch: if you want to let them dry for 2-3 hours (they will still be a bit tacky to the touch) and flip them over to do the other side, you can, but for best results dry overnight. 

Step 4: Arrange pillar candles and rocks in a bowl. I chose this natural wood platter. Et Voila! A year-round (but totally holiday-appropriate) centerpiece!