Minimal Spring Greenery Mirror Wreath

With spring in full bloom, we are looking to add a fresh pop of color to all of the things in our home. If you are conflicted with how to bring the bloom to your home without compromising your minimal aesthetic (because all we do is for the aesthetic, right), here is a quick and easy way for you to upgrade your wall decor with some leftover greenery.

If you’re like us and bought way more greens at the flower market than you expected to use for your last floral project, don’t fret. You don’t need to let those greens die and rot over the weekend in a bucket. With this quick and easy DIY, practice your floral skills while sprucing up your living room with a new take on the traditional floral wreath – just in time for Easter! 
Step 1: 
Place and hang your mirror where you want it to go on the wall. Then take a pencil and lightly trace around the whole thing. Be sure to do it lightly so you can remove the pencil marks later if you want!

Step 2: Take the mirror off the wall and set safely aside. Cut 8-12 small branches off of your greenery. One by one, use painters tape (this ensures your wall won’t get damaged) to stick the branches on the wall along the bottom left of the pencil mark, making sure the tape falls completely on the inside of the circle. You want the greenery to be nice and full, but also to lay as flat as possible along the pencil mark so the layered leaves don’t cause the mirror to pop off the wall too much.

Step 3: For the top piece, cut pieces of greenery and flowers with slightly longer stems that what you cut for the bottom of the wreath. Use floral wire to twist around each branch and attach them to each other to create a foot-long garland piece.

Step 4: Tape the end of the garland to the middle top of the circle with painter’s tape. Re-hang the mirror on the wall and drape the garland along the top of the mirror. You can secure any stray pieces with clear scotch tape along the mirror’s back.

Step 5: Add a pop of color with a simple flower like these sunny yellow billy balls we got at our local flower market! You could stop there and admire your beautiful mirror wreath, or you can use the extra blooms to decorate the surrounding surfaces for an extra dose of fresh flowers.

Isn’t that just perfect for spring? While April showers do bring May flowers, you can cheat the seasons and bring the blooms right into your home ahead of schedule.

Did you like this wreath DIY? What are your favorite flowers to use for flower projects like this? Show us how you made this your own by tagging us on Instagram and using #BeMakeful!