DIY Polaroid Wire Frame

So you've got a new school (or maybe even an old school!) Polaroid camera and are looking for a stylish way to display your fun snaps. And...doesn't everything end up looking cooler when taken with a Polaroid? Yes. Yes is the answer. We've got an easy DIY project for your snaps so they live somewhere other than the fridge. Nothing wrong with hanging pics on the fridge, by the way, it's just, you know...this project will defintiley step up your wall art game.


For this project, a love and interest in taking photographs is a plus or perhaps you could collab with a friend who’s into photography?

We used the Polaroid Instant Snap Digital Camera. You can use whatever instant camera you’ve got or perhaps this is your moment to venture out to buy one. I was so excited to open my new Snap and play with the settings to be sure I got the look I wanted. You can add borders (like we did) and select from 3 different color tones. We chose vintage sepia. You do you though. Have fun with the photo taking process. The more abstract, bold and close up your pictures are the better. You can also mix these in with playful pictures of friends.

Step 1: Starting with your picture frame, remove the glass and any backing until all your left with is the plain wood frame.

Step 2: Using your wire cutters, carefully cut out a square of chicken wire that is exactly as big as the frame, or even a little bigger to be safe. You can trim around the edges once the wire is attached, but it’s impossible to fix if the chicken wire has been cut too small. Note, we selected the grid-like chicken wire for a more clean aesthetic. If you have a frame that looks better with traditional chicken wire then go for it!

Step 3: Using a staple gun, staple the edges of the chicken wire sheet along the back side of the frame, pulling it taught as you go. If you have any ends that stick out at the end, trim them off with your wire cutters.

Step 4: Clip your pics to the chicken wire with mini-clothespins or even paperclips.