Succulent Centerpiece

A table centerpiece can make or break a dinner party. Not really, but when you think of what kind of centerpiece you're looking for, you probably have a few questions in mind.

  1. Will it stay intact?
  2. Can people see each other and talk across the table?
  3. Will people gush over how stylish and clever it is?

This succulent centerpiece will have you – and your guests – saying yes, yes and YES.

Let’s face it, we fell in love with this planter on Etsy and was like, what can we make with it? It’s subtle and friendly. Not too mention it could live forever on your table and you only have to water it sometimes. There is a special soil that helps those succulents thrive too. This thing will live as long as you need it/want it too.

Ok so let’s make this thing!

Step 1: Tape off a frame on the front of the box. This planter has a job to do.

Step 2: Spray paint the front of the box. (And only the front of the box. Where you taped.)

Step 3: Let that dry, and then remove the tape, revealing a gorgeous mini chalkboard.

Step 4: Using a chalk marker, write your message on the planter. Or draw a picture. This is your party and you can do what you want.

Step 5: With the planter ready to go, position your succulents and fill the planter with potting soil, positioning the plants so they’ll be visible over the top of the box. Fill the area around them with dirt.

Pro tip: to easily remove succulents from their bought-from-store homes squeeze the plastic to loosen the soil and roots from the container, then turn the whole thing upside down in your hands and it easily slides out.

Side Note: Look at how adorbs this little heart succulent is! We heart him.

Step 6: Position on your table, and walk away. Your work here is done. Except for everything else you have to do for this party. But you can rest easy knowing your guests will be supes impressed with this little succulent haven. Good work, lady!

  • wooden planter
  • succulents
  • potting soil
  • chalkboard spray paint
  • painter's tape
  • chalk marker