The One Answer To Keeping Your Bathroom Clean

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Hey, I’m Christina and I’ve got you covered when it comes to organization. You can consider me your go-to girl when it comes to life hacks, planning, and all-around girlbossing. This week I'm helping out Carly who wants to have her friends over for a girls’ night in, but her place is kind of a disaster. I've got you covered, Carly! Here's how to prep for company in under 30 minutes, with the help of Comet. Yep! UNDER 30 minutes.

The key to an effective quick cleaning is knowing a few time-saving hacks. Follow these steps here to get your place whipped into shape for a ladies night in in no time!

Major time hack alert! Spray the shower and bathtub first. I’m going to use Comet Bathroom Cleaner because it gets all of the surfaces; bathtub, tile, chrome, you name it! Then once you move onto the rest of the bathroom it gives the spray time to soak in. Then all you have to do is come back, wipe it down, and you’re DONE.

Use a soft cleanser for the inside of the sink to make that chrome and porcelain shine. Give it a quick scrub with a sponge and while it takes a sec to soak, wipe down your mirror with glass cleaner. We won’t judge if you take a sec to admire your reflection ;). Finish up by wiping the cleanser from the sink area and BOOM. Sparkling clean bathroom.

Add some flowers and a candle for a pop of color and a touch of homey-ness. Yes, homey-ness is a word.

This is the best move to bust out when you’re having people over. I learned it from a real estate friend of mine who does this before every open house. You just get some pre-made cookie dough from the grocery store, put the pre-done cookies on a cookie sheet, and bake according to the package instructions. And just like that, your house will smell AMAZING.

While the cookies are baking, just take some grocery store flowers and cut and arrange them in a cute vase. Adorable! Plus, now that the cookies are done you have an amazing smelling home AND a delicious snack. You’re welcome.

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