Top 5 Stylish Indoor Plants

You don't have to have a green thumb to incorporate these 5 super stylish indoor plants in your home decor. Grab a cute planter or basket and you're nearly good to go! After you buy the plant that is...

Bringing the outdoors indoors is one of the quickest ways to enhance a room’s energy and even oxygen levels! Yes, really. It’s called science. Google it.

1. Fiddle Leaf FigYou’ve probably seen this baby in every design blog this year (including this article from GardenFuzzGarden). That’s because its giant, bright green leaves pack some serious visual punch! Fiddle Leaf Figs do well indoors in bright but indirect light (meaning, it should go in a bright room but not right in a window where sunlight hits it directly), and these plants take water whenever the top inch of soil is dry. It does take a minimal bit of TLC, but it is SO worth it!

2. Snake PlantIf your thumb is decidedly NOT green, a snake plant is the indoor plant for you! Snake plants are durable and can go a long time without water. They also do well in low light. So even if you forget to water them before you jet off on your 2 week vacay, chances are they’ll still be there to greet you when you come back. We love how BrittanyMakes used a snake plant to style this bedside table!

3. Rubber Plant

Did you know that having a rubber plant inside is thought to help with alleviating allergies? TBH, we haven’t tested the theory ourselves, but besides the rubber plant’s alleged health perks, the plant’s beautiful deep green leaves bring a rich visual element to any room (like this one from Magic Dream Interiors) and we’re into it.

4. Money TreeHow ’bout a plant for good luck?! While the saying may go “money doesn’t go on trees”, our friends over at BHG begs to differ. The “Money Tree” is traditionally known as a symbol of good luck and good fortune (duh), and is also the most popular plant in Feng Shui design for its good energy properties. Hey, we’ll take it.

5. Boston FernThe high-impact bright green color and dramatic hanging leaves of the Boston Fern make it a favorite of awesome sites like apartment therapy for a bold decor choice. This plant takes a little more care with frequent watering- it loves high humidity environments!- but is totally worth the trouble. Hanging plants are great for small spaces as it frees up the floorplan for furniture or other large items.