3 Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Happy Galentine's Day! It's time to let all of your gal pals know how much you love them. Today, we're showing you three Galentine's Day gifts that will definitely show the bond you have with your BFF's... and impress everyone at your Galentine's Day party.

February 13th is officially “Galentine’s Day”, aka the day you celebrate your love for your gal pals! Here are three adorable and easy gift ideas that you can DIY for your BFFs.

Ombré Glitter Frame

Step 1: Place your frame mat on a surface you don’t mind getting a little sticky. Cover just the bottom with spray adhesive, then spray the bottom sides very lightly.

Step 2: Quickly (because spray adhesive dries so. freaking. fast.) sprinkle glitter along the bottom edge, completely covering the bottom of the square. Then dust some glitter on the sides where you lightly sprayed adhesive, adding more as you go towards the bottom. This gives the mat that awesome ombré look!

Step 3: Art time! Grab a marker and some plain sketch paper and write a message to your bestie. We happen to think she’s a magical unicorn. Don’t forget to make sure the message is the right size for the frame! Pro Tip: you can use a paint pen or calligraphy marker to up the artistic factor a notch!

Step 4: Assemble the art and mat in the frame and you’re all set! Obsessed. We won’t judge you if you make one for yourself. (We sure did!)

BFF Embroidery

Step 1: Secure your fabric so it fits nice n’ snug in your small embroidery ring. All these supplies are available at any craft or fabric store, btw!

Step 2: Use disappearing ink (it’s totally a thing!) to draw a heart in the center of your fabric. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect! We kinda love the “imperfect” hand-drawn look because it feels more personal.

Step 3: Use your first color thread to stitch along the heart you drew. Once you’ve done the whole thing, knot the thread in the back and trim any excess thread.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 to write and stitch “bff” (or your bestie’s nickname, initials, whatever you want!) in a different color into the center of the heart. Finish it off with little star embellishments in a final color all around the heart. Super cute!

DIY Bracelet

Step 1: Use your wrist to measure and cut a piece of thread that will be the base for your bracelet.

Step 2: Thread on your beads and spell out a custom message for your girls! We used some awesome gold beads as spacers between our letters to give our bracelets a little extra shine.

Step 3: Add gold crimp beads to each end of your bracelet with a crimp tool. Use pliers to attach matching findings (the clasp thingy that holds it all together) to complete your bracelet! You can find all that stuff in the beading section of any craft or fabric store.

And there you have it! Three super cute and personal gifts that your bff’s will be loving long after Galentine’s Day. We’d love to see how yours turned out, so be sure to tag us on Instagram @bemakeful. Happy Galentine’s Day!