5 Easy Style Resolutions for the New Year

The 5th/Pexels

Financial, dietary and health-related resolutions tend to dominate topics of discussion at year-end, but now — while you’re spending money at the mall and looking for deals online for the holidays — is actually a great time to start thinking about how you can refine your personal style in the new year, and make getting dressed every morning quicker and more enjoyable. Here are five easy ways to get started!

Discover your icon

Find a style icon that inspires you, whether it’s an Instagram celebrity or a magazine editor or chic local shopkeeper. But rather than literally copying their looks, it’s more about borrowing a styling idea from a great outfit they’ve posted online, or seeing what key pieces make up the foundation of their wardrobe. Finding your style icons will help you refine and develop your signature look over time, and help you avoid fleeting trends or ill-fated impulse buys.

Be your own editor

Just as creating a budget is an important step in getting your finances in order, reviewing your current wardrobe with a critical eye will help you see gaps and redundancies in your closet. Take a close look at what you have, try on each item to make sure it still (kind of!) fits, and donate or give away anything that you haven’t worn in over a year. Ideally, the exercise will help you discover old gems that you already own, and help you make more informed choices when faced with a tempting sale rack in the new year.

Wear everything

We all have clothes and accessories that we’ve bought and never worn for one reason or another; why not make a concerted effort to test drive one of these items every week? Maybe this will be the year that you actually wear those amazing embroidered cowboy boots you bought in Texas eons ago! Just think of it as a new way to “shop your closet”!

Embrace colour

On the spring 2018 runways, designers including Calvin Klein to Tom Ford showed bright, saturated colours worn in eye-catching combinations. Why not challenge yourself to embrace a dash of colour in January?

Shop local more

We all love expensive department stores and the convenience of online shopping, but why not also make a habit of supporting the emerging designers and local boutiques in your hometown? Maybe it’s buying a birthday present on Etsy or shopping an indie label’s sample sale, but it feels more rewarding to support a smaller business that is a tangible part of your community.