Try Our Mezcal Margs + Spicy Palomas Recipe

Looking to test a new tasty cocktail recipe? Check out our take on these traditional Mexican margarita and paloma cocktails. These recipes yield 2 glasses each, so adjust if you're serving more or less people

Mezcal Margaritas
Squeeze juice of 1 large lemon and 2 large limes into a cocktail shaker. Add 2 T agave, torn cilantro, 1 shot triple sec, and 2 shots of mezcal. Top off the whole thing with ice and shake until mixed completely.

2. Sugar/salt the rims of your glasses; we made this blend from 1 part white sugar, 1 part pink salt, and a dash of cayenne pepper for a little kick! To make the mixture stick, run a lime wedge around the rim, then twirl the glass upside down in the sugary salty goodness.

3. Add ice to the glasses and pour the margarita mixture over the top! Garnish with wedges of lemon and lime for a pop of color and a whole lotta flavor.

Spicy Pink Palomas

1. Squeeze 1 lime into your shaker. Add jalapeños (more or less depending on how spicy you like your drink!), a few sprigs of cilantro, and 2 T agave. Muddle if you reeeeally want a spicy kick!

2. Add 1 cup grapefruit juice (or grapefruit soda if that’s more your speed), and 2 shots tequila (mezcal or silver tequila – take your pick). Top off with ice and shake it up!

3. Sugar your rim (we highly recommend the salt/sugar/cayenne mixture we described above), add ice and pour the paloma over the top. Garnish with lime wedges, jalapeno slices and maybe even a sprig of cilantro for good measure.

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