Prep for Santa With a DIY Advent Calendar

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Bring the outside in, with a twist on one of our favourite Christmas traditions! The days approaching the 25th will get more and more exciting with a new present for the lucky recipient of your personalized DIY advent calendar.

You could fill the boxes with candy, chocolate, subway tokens, or even a gift card to the recipient’s favourite store! Simply base your gifts on the size of the boxes you will create for your advent.


Step 1:

Arrange 24 mini gift boxes in 6 rows of 4. See our tutorial for DIY mini gift boxes made from toilet paper rolls here!

Step 2:

Fill the mini gift boxes with treats or any presents of your choice!

Step 3:

Write the day number (1-24) on each mini gift box with a Sharpie. Use a different font on each present for fun! Decide whether you’d like your calendar to be random or in sequential order. Whatever you choose!

Step 4:

Cut 24 pieces of twine at 6 different lengths. Cut 4 pieces of twine at 28”, 4 pieces at 31”, 4 pieces at 34”, 4 pieces at 37”, 4 pieces at 40”, and 4 pieces at 43”.

Step 5:

Tie the 28” lengths of twine to each of the boxes in the first row. Try to leave one end very long, and the other end tied to the topmost part of the gift box where you’d like it to hang from.

Step 6:

Tie the 31” lengths of twine to each of the boxes in the second row.

Step 7:

Tie the 34” lengths of twine to each of the boxes in the third row.

Step 8:

Tie the 37” lengths of twine to each of the  boxes in the fourth row.

Step 9:

Tie the 40” lengths of twine to each of the boxes in the fifth row.

Step 10:

Tie the 43” lengths of twine to each of the boxes in the sixth row.

Step 11:

Tie your boxes to the tree branch with the long ends of twine tied to each box. Start with the presents in the last row, and then move up, trying to maintain equal spacing and even lines throughout.

Step 12:

Trim or tuck in the excess pieces of twine on the branch and on the boxes.

Step 13:

Decorate your tree branch with greenery for a finishing touch.

Step 14:

Hang it on your wall as a beautiful, interactive holiday statement piece. Your guests will love it, and of course, the lucky recipient who gets to open a present every day leading up to Christmas!

  • Tree Branch
  • Greenery
  • twine
  • Scissors
  • Black sharpie
  • Treats!
  • Craft Paper