DIY 4th of July Firework Piñata

Celebrate the good ol' U-S-of-A in style with this amazing DIY firework piñata! We'll show you how to easily create your very own star-shaped cardboard piñata from scratch using a few items you probably already have in the house. Then we'll add some metallic spray decorations to complete the firework! So grab a bat and get ready to celebrate America!

Step 1: Draw a star onto a large piece of cardboard. To make a perfect star, use these easy downloadable guides (here and here) that show you how to measure a perfect pentagon, then join the corners of the pentagon together to form your star! You can cut out our pentagon to use as a starting point because no matter how large you want your cardboard star to be, the 108° angle will always remain the same.

Step 2: Use a craft knife and a straight edge to cut out your star! Use the first star as a template to trace and cut a second star that’s exactly the same shape as the first.

Step 3: Trace and cut 10 rectangles for the sides of the piñata. Make the long side the same length as the sides of your star. Ours were 10 inches x 5 inches each. Cut a notch on one of the short sides in the center of each rectangle.

Step 4: Time to assemble the piñata! Place a few dots of glue along the bottom star, then place the cardboard rectangle on top, notch facing the pointy side of the star. Use thin masking tape to reinforce the sides so they stand up straight. Once you have added all the sides, add the second star to the top to close it up. You also don’t want the sides to be too secure, otherwise the piñata won’t break- basically, you want the star to be strong enough to hold the candy, but not be a total fortress that can’t be broken with a bat!

Step 5: Next, you want to cut small 1/2 inch slits into the ends of the star corners for you to add your sprays later.

Step 6: To make the piñata fringe, use scissors to cut slits into a roll of paper streamers, making each slit about 1/2 inch apart. Be sure to leave the top part in tact- you want to be able to unravel the streamer in one piece.

Step 7: Use a gluestick to adhere the streamer row by row around your star. This takes a minute but it’s SO worth it in the end! Grab a friend to help and it’ll go way faster than your think. It’s also helpful to work from the bottom up- that way you just keep placing rows of fringe on top without having to re-arrange any that are already glued on.

Step 8: Once the sides are assembled, you can use the opportunity to load your piñata up with candy! You can usually buy a big value pack at most grocery or party stores, or you can just fill it with your favorite goodies! (We won’t tell if you sneak a piece). Place the other star on top and seal it up!

Step 9: Time to hang your piñata! Using a really thick needle, string fishing wire to the top of the start where you want to hang it and double knot it. To secure the knot, use a lighter or hot glue to make the fishing wire stay in place and hang securely.

Step 10: Once it’s up, take the weighted table spray decorations and remove the interior part from the weight. Stick the spray into the cut notched holes at the tips of the star! You can also use wire garland from the party store if they don’t have table sprays.

Now you have a firework piñata worth celebrating! Bust this baby before the real fireworks start and have the candy on hand while you watch the show. Happy Birthday, America!