DIY Driftwood Menorah

Millions of people light the Menorah for eight nights in December to celebrate the festival of lights (aka Hanukkah). This longstanding Jewish holiday tradition doesn't require a traditional Menorah (although my Bubby might disagree). If you look online, you can find them in every shape and style. Rustic and stylish driftwood versions are relatively easy to make and are also...unexpected.

When you gather with family (and/or friends) to light the candles each night, this non-traditional stunner of a Menorah is a conversation piece that adds more beauty to your celebration. Pass the latkes (yum) and let’s make this Menorah!

Step 1:  Using a pencil, evenly mark where the eight Hanukkah candles will be placed, as well as where the ninth Shamash candle will go. The shamash, or “helper” candle, is the light that is used to light all the other candles and should be separated from the other eight candles and on a higher or a lower plane.

Step 2: Wear safety goggles and use caution. You don’t want to break the driftwood with an overzealous move. Drill the candle holes about a quarter to a half inch deep, depending on the thickness of your driftwood. I used a quarter inch drill bit and our candles fit nice and snug.

Step 3: Test to see if your candle holes are big enough. If not, gently rotate the drill in a circle inside the hole to widen it a touch.

Step 4: When the holes are just right, place your candles in your chic handcrafted menorah.

Happy Hanukkah!