DIY Marble Royal Icing Cookies

Take your brunch to the next level with this tutorial on how to marble royal icing! Bake your favourite sugar cookies, and use our recipe for royal icing to make these delicious treats. Pretty pastels mix to create a stunning effect that is almost too gorgeous to eat! Hey, we said ALMOST.

This cookie icing technique is perfect for holidays, events — or just because! Before you get started icing, make your favourite go-to sugar cookie recipe. If you don’t have one, you can use ours! Resist eating the cookies before you ice them. We know, it’s hard. When you’re done baking, set the cookies aside and whip up this delicious recipe for royal icing as they cool.

Royal Icing Recipe

1. Use a mixer to beat the pasteurized egg whites and vanilla on low, then med-low until frothy. It’ll start to turn white than clear.

2. Keeping the mixer on low speed, gradually add the powdered sugar. Use a spatula to make sure it doesn’t stick to the sides of the bowl as you mix.

3. Once all the sugar is mixed in, increase the speed to high and keep mixing until peaks form- about 5 minutes. Royal icing is more liquidy than traditional frosting. If it doesn’t seem fluid enough you can add a splash of water to loosen it up a touch.

Decorate Those Cookies!

1. Fill a piping bag with a few spoonfuls of icing. Once your cookies have cooled thoroughly, use the piping bag to make an outline of icing around the edge of the cookie. Royal icing dries super fast so don’t be worried when it hardens a bit. The purpose of this little icing wall is to help with a technique called “flooding”- which brings us to…

2. Once you have your little icing wall around the edge of your cookies, begin to spoon a tablespoon or two of royal icing into the center of the cookie. The icing slowly “floods” to the outer edges, but stays perfectly inside the lines. You can help it along a bit with a spatula or a knife if you need.

3. Working quickly, (royal icing dries FAST, remember?), dip the tip of a skewer into your food coloring of choice. Slowly pull the skewer through the icing in a criss-cross pattern to create the stylized marble look. If you want the more flowy design, drag the skewer around in small circles, mixing as you go. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors as well!

Serve your gorgeous creations at room temperature after the icing has set (this will take probably 30-60 seconds).

We’d love to see your beautiful marbled cookie creations! Show us by tagging us on Instagram and use #bemakeful. Bon appetit!