Easy DIY Tassel Party Garland

We can always find something to celebrate over here. Our dog's birthday? Hip, hip, hooray! Taco Tuesday? Don't mind if we do! This easy DIY tassel garland is a super cute and simple way to decorate in a pinch for all life's little (and big!) celebrations.

You can customize this DIY project in oh-so-many ways! You can switch up the whole look by changing the color and thickness of the yarn to fit any occasion. We had some of this pretty and feminine pastel colored yarn left over from another project, so we used the rest to make this sweet and festive tassel garland.

Step 1: Find a small book or notebook about 4-6 inches wide. Cut a piece of yarn the length of the edge of a book or notebook and place it along the spine of the book. This piece is gonna be what holds the whole thing together! The Kris Jenner of your tassel, if you will.

Step 2: Starting at the bottom, wrap your yarn around the book 10-20 times depending on the thickness and how big you want your tassel to be. We opted to use a spiral notebook because you can use the slot made by the spiral as a kind of guide for your string. Nifty, huh?

Step 3: Knot the Kris Jenner piece of yarn around the book-wrapped yarn. This is what you’ll eventually use to secure the tassel onto the garland. See? Keeping it all together.

Step 4: Use the groove between the book covers and its pages to easily cut the yarn evenly along the bottom. It’s weirdly satisfying when all the pieces flare out and make a bouncy little tassel!

Step 5: Take one more piece of yarn and wrap it around the tassel about an inch from the top. Pro Tip: Use a safety pin to easily pin the end of the yarn and thread it through the wrapped section to tie it off. Then simply snip the yarn off right above the pin to make a perfectly tucked knot! Bada-bing bada-boom.

Step 6: Repeat until you have your desired amount of tassels. Tie each tassel around a long piece of twine or string to create your garland! Once you’ve attached the tassel, simply tuck the tied-off ends into the wrapped section to create a clean look.


Whether you’re celebrating a big birthday, or just feeling particularly festive on a random Tuesday, this tassel garland looks great no matter what the occasion! Cheers!