Floral Marquee Letters DIY

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Nothing brightens the home like fresh flowers, and today we're using floral letters to totally reinvent a space for a party. This is a new take on using flowers to beautify your home. Making flower words will have all of your guests loving your party decor and wondering how you did it.

This video is sponsored by Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day®.

Step 1: Begin with wooden cut-out letters from your local craft or hardware store mounted on another piece of wood so the letters stand up on a tabletop. Since we’re going to be using our marquee letters to decorate a party, we’re spelling out “YAY” to welcome the guests, and “BAR” to mark our cocktail table. But you can, of course, choose whatever word suits your party or mood!

Step 2: Lay your letters out and use a knife to cut pieces of floral foam to fit the letters. You can trace the letter out on the foam first, or you can eyeball it and piece it together like a jigsaw puzzle! Once you’ve cut the foam, wrap thin floral tape around the foam to secure it to the wooden letters.

Step 3: When the foam is attached to the wood, immerse the whole thing in a bowl of water. You want the foam to absorb the water evenly throughout the whole piece so your all your flowers stay nice and fresh all night long!

Step 4: Time to place your flowers! Trim your blooms so there’s enough stem to hold the flowers in place in the foam, but not so much that they don’t slide all the way in. Usually about 3 inches is the sweet spot. Start placing the bigger blooms first to get a feel for the overall look you want. It helps to go by color as well so you’re sure to space pops of color evenly throughout the letters.

Step 5: Fun hack alert! To use succulents in your floral marquee letters, stick a piece of floral wire directly into the succulent pot, and cut the wire just above the bloom. Remove the succulent from the pot and shake the dirt off and remove the roots. Wrap the end of the floral wire around the base of the succulent bloom and stick the other end of the wire into the foam to secure it to the letter. So pretty!

Step 6: Keep trimming and placing flowers and succulents till you’ve covered the foam entirely! Don’t forget to use a few green fillers and leaves to make your colorful florals POP!

And there you have it; a totally fresh way to decorate for your next party. Special thanks again to Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® for partnering with us to bring some more beauty to the world!


  • wooden letters
  • floral foam
  • knife to cut floral foam
  • floral tape
  • variety of flowers
  • large bowl
  • variety of small succulents