Glitter Party Decor | Obsessed : NYE Edition

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This week, Miss Kris is obsessed with sparkle. And so are we! With a little bit of glitter...OK a LOT of glitter, we're glamming up some champagne bottles, balloons, and party hats just in time for a shimmering and shiny New Year.

Anyone can bring a bottle of champagne to a party…but instead, you could bring your own glam squad in a bottle with this festive glitter-ized bubbly. Miss Kris shows us how!

For this project you’ll need: A champagne bottle with the label removed, glue, a foam brush, a tray or box to catch all your glitter (your vacuum cleaner thanks you), and of course: GLITTER!

Step 1: Place your bottle inside the glitter tray and squeeze a generous amount of glue directly onto the bottle’s surface.

Step 2: Use your foam brush to paint the glue evenly over the entire surface of your bottle. Don’t be afraid to add more glue if it gets too thin.

Step 3: Make like Tinkerbell and shake out some pixie dust! Cover the whole wet glue surface with glitter until you have a fabulously festive bottle of bubbly. Leave it in the box to dry and maybe shake it off a touch before you head out. Glitter loves to stick around, and your lint roller will be your BFF tomorrow.

*Optional; you can use painter’s tape to section off areas of the bottle and use different colors of glitter to make a striped or ombré pattern. I mean, it’s GLITTER. Go crazy.

Glitter Balloons

All you need for this project are some balloons, spray adhesive, your glitter tray (aren’t you loving that life hack?), and you guessed it, glitter.

Step 1: Spray the bottom of your balloon with adhesive, making sure to get the place where it’s tied off.

Step 2: Immediately shake your glitter onto the balloon. Spray adhesive dries super fast!

Ta-da! Done. Talk about some serious sparkle.

Be sure to check out our article on making festive glittery party hats that everyone can enjoy! We’d love to see your glittery glamor. Tag us on Instagram at @bemakeful and use #makefulobsessed to show us your projects. Shine on.