Gold Wire Nest + Edible Glitter Easter Eggs

It's not enough to just make a beautiful Easter treat - you have to present it just as nice too. Knock out two projects in one with this easy Easter DIY, and leave all your weekend guests dead in their tracks when you serve these gorgeous and delicious edible glitter Easter eggs. You can even keep the gold nesting bowl to use all year long, too. Hop to it!

Edible glitter has to be one of our game-changing favorite tools here at Makeful. You can easily order edible glitter online or you can get it at a craft shop in the baking aisle. You will only need a tiny amount to make these adorable Easter eggs so you can save the rest for your next celebration, too! And, you can double up with the nest and use it all year long as as a catch-all for keys, knick knacks, even loose change. Crafty, and useful.

To Make the Nest

Step 1: Starting with the thicker gauge jewelry-making wire, use your pliers to create an imperfect curl to create the base of the bowl. Using the pliers or your fingers, continue to create loops that overlap until you have a larger circle of wire.

Step 2: Drape the wire over your bowl and press down, using the bowl as a mold. Continue to press and bend until when you lift the wire from the bowl, it holds its shape.

Step 3: Take the thinner wire and begin to thread it through the spaces left by the larger wire. Continue until there are no large spaces left so that the eggs won’t slip through the bowl. Use the pliers to tuck and wrap the end of the wire so it’s not sticking out.

Step 4: Press the finished wire nest once more onto the bowl to set the shape of the smaller wire.

To Make The Eggs

Step 1: Begin with the white candy-coated Easter eggs you can get at any store that carries Easter candy. Use a paintbrush to coat each egg in a thin layer of gum paste.

Step 2: Once the eggs are coated, sprinkle a bit of edible glitter onto the surface of the wax paper. Then roll the egg in the glitter until the whole thing is evenly coated. Continue until you have a few of each color.

Step 3: Place in the fridge to set the gum paste for about 30 mins. Place your glittery eggs in your beautiful nest and serve!

And like magic, your edible glitter Easter eggs are ready. This is such a fun sweet snack to serve at Easter Brunch, and your guests won’t know if they’re able to eat them or if it’s just a piece of decor

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