Here Are Three Easy, Last-minute Halloween Costumes

various people in fruit themed costumes
Photography by Amanda Fusco

When it comes to halloween, some of us only start thinking about costumes until the week before—no judgements please.

Having a quirky costume doesn’t mean you have to spend an exorbitant amount of money and time on it. Some ideas are simple, wallet-friendly and quite frankly—adorable.

grape costume
Photography by Amanda Fusco

Grape costume instructions: 

*assistance required for this craft*

  1. Blow up your favourite flavour of grapes (green or purple balloons, it’s all up to you).
  2. Put on your long sleeved shirt and tights.
  3. Have someone pin the balloons to your shirt and tights using safety pins. Be sure to put the pins through the ends.
  4. Use fake greenery to build your grape vine headband. This can either be attached to a headband with a hot glue gun or be pinned down to your hair with bobby pins.
  5. TA DA! You’re ready to take up two seats at your local Halloween party.
pineapple costume
Photography by Amanda Fusco

Pineapple costume instructions: 

  1. This adorable shirt can be found at Michaels, but if you really want to strut your inner crafter, use a plain yellow shirt and draw the pineapple spikes with fabric markers or a sharpie!
  2. To build the crown to your pineapple, you’ll need green construction paper, a toilet paper roll (just the roll not the toilet paper) and a hot glue gun!
  3. Cut your construction paper into long leave shapes, they can vary in sizes and length because all pineapples are unique—right?
  4. Use the hot glue gun to attach the the leaves onto the toilet paper roll.
  5. Glue your crown to a headband and voilà!
strawberry costume
Photography by Amanda Fusco

Strawberry costume instructions: 

Grab a polka dot dress (or a t-shirt) and some felt for the calyx (that’s the green leafy part on top) and you’re all set to be a part of our fruit bowl. The only DIY aspect of this costume is the calyx.

  1. To build this part, cut green felt into various sizes of leaves and glue together at bottom with a hot glue gun.
  2. For the stem, use the same green felt, roll it into a cone shape and glue at the seams.
  3. Cut out a small circle to cover the cone that builds the stem.
  4. Glue your stem to your leaves.
  5. Time to show everyone how berry cute you really are.