Holiday Gift Guide for the Creative

Finding the perfect gift for the creative person in your life can be tough, so we thought we'd offer a few suggestions of things she - or he - will love.


There’s something to be said for having a place to write down ideas and goals on paper, rather than just updating your smartphone (when you remember). The LiveWELL planner from inkWELL Press is no ordinary date book; sure, it has a traditional weekly and monthly calendar, but it also features inspirational quotes, a monthly mission board with space for financial, home, and health goals, a daily habit tracker, and a place at the end of each month for all your “notes and ramblings”. It even comes with a series of videos to help you set up your planner to get the most out of it to feel “organized, empowered, and happy”. Yes, please!


Gifts that give back are a huge favorite of mine, and Krochet Kids is a terrific option. Firstly, because there are options for guys AND gals – of all ages. But MOSTLY, because the organization works with women in Peru and Uganda to empower them to become financially independent and escape poverty.


In the spirit of giving back, these stunning metallic gold crossover slides are made by a fantastic socially conscious company called Sseko (pronounced “say-co”). The young women who work at Sseko not only design and hand-make drop dead gorgeous leather goods but they use the proceeds from their work to send themselves to college. Each piece is signed by the woman who made it, so you can rock  stunning sandals, totes, or accessories and know you’re helping someone across the world receive the education she deserves.


In the Company of Women. Advice and inspiration from over 100 makers, artists, and entrepreneurs? I want a seat at this dinner table. This book is the gift that keeps on giving as your person will be returning to these women’s stories to find the courage and determination to follow her own path.


Polaroid Snap Instant Camera. Your person loves capturing and creating memories! So does this camera! Combining nostalgia with technology, it’s a highly recommended ingredient for any adventure – crafting or otherwise.


Your favorite creative thinks in the shower. They do. They need AquaNotes. They do. Because sometimes you think amazing thinks in there and by the time you rinse your shampoo out of your hair, they’re gone. Not with AquaNotes! Get your person AquaNotes. They’ll thank you. And think about you in the shower.