Rustic Floral Tablescape

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Wondering how to impress all your guests at your next dinner party? Today, we're showing you how to add a chic golden touch to your centrepiece that will make your friends and family never want to leave. Join us and learn how to DIY this gorgeous gilded fresh floral arrangement!

We love fresh flowers so much that we’re giving them the golden touch! Start by gathering some beautiful blooms from your local flower market in a variety of colours and textures. Some eye-catching dahlias, some pretty pink peonies, and maybe some big white star lilies to round out the collection. Before we start arranging, we have some really cool ways to add a bit of unexpected shine to your flower creation!

This video is sponsored by Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day ®.

Step 1: Paint it gold! We used a small brush and some gold metallic paint to give some small succulents a gold-dipped look. You can place them on individual plates for guests to take home at the end of the night, and also the ends of the table to add some extra greenery in addition to your centrepiece.

Step 2: Add gold leaf by painting a little mod podge on the very tips of a few petals. While the glue is still tacky and a bit wet, press gold leaf paper directly onto the bloom. When you peel the paper back, the gold leaf will have stuck on the petal tips and gives the whole arrangement a glint of glamour.

Step 3: You can also use metallic paint on the flower petals. We picked a delicate rose gold for this peony to add just the right amount of warm shimmer.

Step 4: Now you can start arranging! Cut a piece of floral foam to fit the centrepiece you want to use. Use a lined, waterproof container and pour water directly onto the floral foam, making sure the water is evenly distributed and the foam is completely wet. You want those beautiful blooms to last all evening!

Step 5: Begin to trim and place your flowers into the foam. Pro tip: cut the stems at a sharp angle to help them better absorb water! Arrange the blooms so that you have the colours evenly distributed throughout the arrangement. You want the top middle to be the tallest and fullest portion, while the sides can cascade off down towards the table.

Step 6: After you’ve placed all the larger blooms, fill in the rest of the open space with smaller flowers and branches to give the whole arrangement a full and beautiful look!

Step 7: Don’t forget those pretty succulents! You can re-pot them in pretty water glasses and place them at the heads of the table to make sure those at the end get a dose of greenery too.

Tie it all together and decorate your table with silverware, plates, runners, and any other decorations you want. Finish it all off by placing your gold-painted succulents on top of your plates, and placing your gorgeous rustic gold-leaf flower arrangement in the middle of the table as your centrepiece. Stunning!

Special thanks to Mrs. Meyers Clean Day® for partnering with us on this beautiful project!

  • rustic wood box vase
  • floral foam
  • water
  • variety of flowers
  • variety of succulents
  • gold paint
  • mod podge
  • gold leaf paper
  • Paint brush