Singles Awareness Day: Broken Heart Wall Art

We are always up for any excuse to throw a party, so obvi we are totally into celebrating our independence this Singles Awareness Day! And as no party is complete without some awesome DIY decorations, we created a super fun and eye-catching piece of 3-D wall art that we can't wait to show off! Follow along to see how you can use a few simple things you probably already have lying around the house (glitter, anyone?) to make a surprisingly easy, totally kickass 3-D broken heart sculpture for your own Single's Awareness Day party!

This project is such an awesome statement piece to have at any event. Besides being visually AWESOME, it was also super easy and affordable to make. All you need is cardboard, glue, glitter, and a wicked sense of humor. Count us in!

Step 1: First, we’re going to make the 3-D base for our heart! Use an X-Acto knife to cut multiple small squares out of your cardboard. We used about 10 squares per side which made the heart pop off the wall about 5 inches. Make sure the squares are big enough to substantially hold the heart up, but small enough that the heart is able to cover the square base completely. To give you an idea, our heart measured 8 inches wide and each base square was about 4 inches wide.

Step 2: Hot glue the separate small squares on top of one another to create one big block of cardboard. You’ll end up with a solid cube base for each side of the heart.

Step 3: Place 2 large cardboard pieces side by side. Pro tip: the top flaps of a large cardboard box work great for this because they’re already exactly the same size! Use a marker (or pencil if you’re not as confident with heart-doodling!) to trace half of a heart onto one side of the cardboard.

Step 4: Use the X-Acto knife to cut the first half of your heart out. Then flip that half over onto the other side and use it as a stencil to trace the other half of the heart onto your second side. Use the X-Acto knife again to cut out the second piece. This way you end up with two perfectly symmetrical heart halves! Work smarter, not harder, amiright??

Step 5: Use a  ruler to draw your heart break line. When you pull the two halves apart it will look like they fit perfectly into each other! Use the x-acto knife again to cut along the heartbreak line.

Step 6: Once you have your two heart halves, paint the whole thing bright red (or whatever color floats your boat!). Use acrylic craft paint and it will dry super quickly. Don’t forget the sides!

Step 7: Once the paint has dried, spray the heart with a coat of spray adhesive. Quickly sprinkle your glitter alllllllll over the heart. Spray adhesive dries super fast! You may want to repeat this step a few times to get that super-saturated glittery look. Pro Tip: You can use a foam brush to spread the glitter around and make sure it’s covering the heart completely.

Step 8: Attach the cube base to the back of the heart halves using hot glue. Be generous with the glue because you want to make sure the heart is totally secure! Press down on the front of the heart to make sure it’s fully attached to the base.

Step 9: Use double-sided foam tape to mount your heart temporarily on the wall. Simply remove the paper from the adhesive and press the heart onto the wall!

You can style the heart any way you choose! We placed one side slightly below the other to give the illusion that half was falling as it broke. Even though the subject of this art piece is a broken heart, our hearts are so happy looking at it! We love the loud glitter and the fact that the piece has a 3-D look coming off the wall. So eye-catching and such a fun statement piece to celebrate Single’s Awareness Day!