3 Easy Singles Awareness Day Party Ideas

All the single ladies, all the single ladies, put yo hands UP! We're celebrating Singles Awareness Day with a kickass party that celebrates all the Miss Independents out there. Cuz, who run the world? GIRLS. (How many Beyoncé songs can we reference in one paragraph? A LOT, it turns out). Boi, byeeeee.

Singles Awareness Day has been called the Anti-Valentine’s Day holiday for those who are free and unattached (we’re right there with ya!). After all, you don’t need a significant other to “complete” you. You’re a badass livin’ your best life no matter what!

We’re getting in the spirit with all the awesome DIY projects you’ll need to throw the most amazing Singles Awareness Day party EVER.
Broken Heart Cupcakes

1. First, get some cupcakes. We’re not above just going to the bakery and buying them already made. But obvi if you wanna make some yourself, you do you!

2. All you gotta do to decorate these supes cute (and totally empowering) cupcakes is grab a hammer, put on some Taylor Swift, and smash the heck out of some conversation hearts. You know; those little candies that say things like “call me” and “be mine”. Which we’re not gonna need (thank goodness!) because we’re #SingleAF and loving it.

3. Sprinkle the broken hearts (pun TOTALLY intended) all over your cupcakes. Delicious AND an awesome Singles Awareness Day statement.

Decorate for the Par-Tay!
No party is complete without some kickass DIY decorations! We made this awesome 3D broken heart wall art that makes an immediate, giant, glittery statement when you walk in the room.

We also made these show-stopping heart balloons that are a visual twist on traditional conversation heart candies. BTW, this was one of the easiest projects we’ve ever done. Yes, please.

Finish it all off with a pretty (and delicious) drink like this ombré pomegranate champagne cocktail. Cheers to YOU!

Be sure to let us in on your party time fun by tagging us on Instagram @bemakeful. Happy Singles Awareness Day!