Ultimate Hangover Cures

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Last night you were the life of the party. Last night, you sang ALL the words to "Benny and the Jets" at the top of your lungs. Last night, you didn't let a single person leave without letting them know how much you love them. Last night...you miiiiiiiight have enjoyed that New Year's bubbly just a wee bit (AHEM...way) too much. And this morning? Oof. Today is National Hangover Day (for realz, it's a thing), and we're celebrating the occasion by giving you some pro tip hangover cures.

We’ve pretty much all been there. You’re having a great time, you’re celebrating life, doin’ you, and before you know it, oopsy daisies…you have one sip too many. We get it. We’re there with ya.

For those mornings when you need a little help functioning and getting back to your usual you, we’ve got the perfect recipe.

1. Fry up some bacon! I swear when I do this, just the SMELL can make me start to feel better. When it’s just startin’ to get crispy, set aside.

2. In the same pan, fry an egg in the leftover bacon grease. Why leave the grease? Eating a high fat meal can help absorb alcohol if it’s still in your system.

3. Toast a bagel or two slices of bread. While it’s still hot, top with a slice of cheese, and your bacon and eggs. DIG IN.

4. If you reeeallly enjoyed your champers last night and are decidedly NOT enjoying your morning, down a couple aspirin with a glass of pedialite. Pedialite replaces electrolytes lost after drinking booze. Extra credit if you drink it out a champagne flute, cuz you fancy and don’t you forget it!

So, join us in raising a cold glass of electrolyte liquid and toast the New Year! Cheers, kiddo.