10 Insta-Worthy Southern California Art Walls

Source: Hypefeast

Whether you live here full time, or you're just here visiting, one of the advantages of being in sunny Southern California is the ability to experience some amazing art and culture at every turn. But who says art has to be confined inside a frame hanging in a museum? We're taking to the streets and showing you a list of 10 of the best Instagram-worthy walls and murals that SoCal has to offer. Whether you're an experienced blogger or a just a tourist about town, your Insta-feed is about to get upgraded once you post these to the gram.

These 10 amazing lifesize wall art pieces are all stunning in their own unique way. From the perfect backdrop for your sassy spring outfit, to a place to celebrate your loved ones, to a kickass background for the perfect #selfie, these walls have you covered.

Photo courtesy of Valorie Darling Photography

The Love Wall: 8549 Higurera Street, Culver City, CA

Time for a #selfwe! Share the love at this stunning handwriting mural in Culver City, California. The bright pop of red background with the pretty patterned calligraphy script makes any photo you take here a keeper. Obviously, this wall is a great backdrop option for taking a pic with that special someone, or with your crew.

Source: Hypefeast

Paul Smith Pink Wall: 8221 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Sometimes, simple is best. Drive past the Paul Smith store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles on any given day and you will most likely see a sea of bloggers, tourists, fashionistas, and curious bystanders milling around the giant windowless pink wall that makes up the side of the Paul Smith building. Reminiscent of classic Barbie pink (or Millennial pink, if you prefer), the simple, matte, rose-colored backdrop is unmistakable. Now that you’ve seen it, we bet you start to notice it popping up on your Insta-feed on the reg.

“California Dreaming” Wall: Chinese Laundry- 3485 La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

We love the “California Dreaming” wall at Chinese Laundry in LA so much that we did our own photoshoot for ice dye shirts there! The next best thing to a SoCal sunset, the hot pink fades into a beautiful bright blue that is jaw-droppingly awesome to look at irl. The perfect place to snap a pic to commemorate your trip to SoCal, or celebrate your hometown if you’re locals like us! (PS, Makeful HQ isn’t too far from here so if you see us around, say hi!)

Photo Courtesy of XOXO Bella

Polka Dot Wall by The Most Famous Artist: The Springs, 608 Mateo St., DTLA Arts District

I mean, how happy is this mural? It’s like a giant game of twister meets all the colors of the rainbow. A fantastic backdrop for any snapshot, the variety of colors are sure to complement any outfit you might be rocking that day! The polka dot pattern feels both modern and streamlined and retro-chic at the same time. It’s “spot on”. (Sorry, had to).

Photo courtesy of All You Need is Style

“Angel Wings” by Colette Miller, 8401 W. 3rd Street, Beverly Grove, CA

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? This is another wall we see popping up on our feeds all the time; and we love it! These super sweet angel wings by street artist Colette Miller make for an amazing photo op that allows you to be part of the art. Pretty colors and layers of texture make this backdrop stand out from the rest. So fly.

Photo courtesy of trover

Greetings From San Diego: by “Greetings From” 4223 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

No need to put a location tag on this photo; the wall says it all! This “Greetings From San Diego” mural is by the artistic duo “Greetings From” who create postcard-style artwork and fill in the letters with local landmarks. If you look closely you can see the telltale red roofs of the famous Hotel Del Coronado, and the white scaffolding of the wooden Belmont “big dipper” Roller coaster!

Photo courtesy of Locale Magazine

Favorite Color Wall: By Roy McMakin, 7596 Eads Ave La Jolla, CA 92037

Artist Roy McMakin tells the story of turning to a guest at dinner and asking a simple question, “what’s your favorite color?”. Since then, McMakin has become immersed in the idea and asked over 1,000 participants the same question to form this iconic San Diego mural from their answers. The wall consists of 65 different colors, each of which someone has told him is their “favorite” and why. Give your Instagram a pop of all the favorite colors next time you’re down in the Diego!

Photo courtesy of: Forbes

What Lifts You: Mural Series by Kelsey Montague, Horton Plaza Park, 324 Horton Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101

Kelsey Montague’s street art went viral last year when Taylor Swift posted a photo in front of one of her murals in Nolita, NYC. Since then, Kelsey has created stunning pieces for her “what lifts you” series, promoting a positive message encouraging onlookers to find what inspires them and lifts their spirits. The hastag #whatliftsyou on insta has hundreds of thousands of posts with people interacting with her art and telling the world what lifts them up. Add yourself to the mix next time you’re in sunny SoCal!

Photo courtesy of santabarbaraca.com

Chromatic Gate (AKA The Rainbow Arch) Arco Circle, Cabrillo Park, 633 East Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara, CA

Ok, so, it’s not a wall, we know. But, this spot is total Insta-GOLD at the end of the rainbow! The 1990’s art installation by Herbert Bayer is a popular photo op spot near East Beach in Santa Barbara, and for good reason! The bright colors pop against the sunny SoCal skies and create a kind of 3-D mural behind the photo subject.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Fairchild Photography

Wall of Lucky Pennies: Lucky Penny Restaurant, 127 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

One last wall for luck! This wall is made entirely of pretty pennies for the Lucky Penny Restaurant in the super hot Funk Zone neighborhood of Santa Barbara, CA. Put some texture and shine in your insta-feed and snap a pic by this super creative take on a wall mural. Be sure to check out the amazing food and music scene in the surrounding neighborhood while you’re at it! With all these lucky pennies at your fingertips, your selfie is sure to come out amazing.

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