10 Pick-Me-Up’s Under $10

Every once in awhile there comes a day when we're, like, SO over winter. Staying mostly inside all day every day can get old fast. And even if it's not winter, there are times when we could all use a little pick-me-up treat that lifts our spirits and gets our creative energy flowing! I mean, amiright? Here are 10 easy ways to get a quick fix of happy for under $10.

1. New Nail Polish

Painting your nails in an energetic new, fun, POP of color is a great way to up your mood! Go with a classic retro red, a moody chic plum, or get outside the box with an off-beat color like hot teal or neon pink! Go to the drug store on your lunch break and grab whatever makes your heart flutter. Or catches your eye.

2. Cute Inspiring Mug

When you’re plugging away at the office and head for the coffee maker around that 3pm wall hit, don’t just use any ol’ corporate logo mug you found in the break room/kitchen. Why not get a mug with some personality that gives you that girl boss inspiration!

3. Scented Candle

Nothing makes a space feel luxurious and lush faster than lighting a scented candle. Pick a light floral for clarity and focus, a crisp citrus for a dose of happy energy, or sweet and smokey for end of the day wind down vibes.

4. Lip Gloss- Bonus if it’s a bold new color!

Shake up your everyday makeup routine with a bold new lip! The beauty aisle of the drug store is full of affordable options so you can have fun experimenting with a few new shades. With punchy pinks, rich plums, or classic reds, you’ll be channeling your inner Gwen Stefani in no time.

5. Fancy Coffee Drink

Some days a normal drip coffee just doesn’t cut it. Try light and airy lattes, creamy cappuccinos or a classic hot chocolate to kick your day up a notch.  a Sweet drinks with a kick of caffeine can be just what the doctor ordered. Splurge on a decadent, foamy, frothy coffee drink and indulge in sipping it nice and slow. You deserve it!

6. On Trend (Cheap) Jewelry

Get your girl power in full gear with some fun, fresh, and totally affordable jewelry! The mall is full of stores that carry trendy little trinkets like these adorable star shaped studs for less than the cost of a cinnamon pretzel. Those star studs are gonna last you at least a few months longer than that pretzel. It’s an obvious choice! Or you could do both.

7. Fun Magazines

Not only are magazines pretty to look at, but they’re a great source of fresh ideas and beauty to immerse yourself in when you’re feeling uninspired. Whether it’s a mindless gossip tabloid, an intellectual collection of essays, or a sleek design mag, your creativity will rise with the turn of each glossy page.

8. Fresh Flowers

Ahhhh! There’s nothing quite like having fresh flowers to brighten up a room! Bringing the outdoors indoors is an instant mood boost. Keep a small potted orchid on your desk or a vase of fresh buds in the living room to increase positive headspace and bring more color into your life.

9. Cupcake or Baked Treat

Having a cupcake, cookie, or fill-in-the-blank baked good instantly makes you feel like you have something to celebrate. And you DO- celebrate YOU! If you have a sweet tooth, mosey on down to your bakery and treat yo’self. Extra points if you lick frost off your fingers. Yummm… Let them eat cake!

10. Colorful pens or pencils

Work seems so much more interesting if you take notes in bold colors! Not only is it a helpful organizational tool, but it actually can lift your mood to open up your notepad and be greeted by a pretty word rainbow. Plus, they look pretty on your desk!

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