10 Reasons Every Kid Should Learn to Code

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Everyone benefits from it every day, but only some us are well versed in the language. What could it be? I’m referring to coding, which is increasingly becoming one of the most essential skills for kids to learn—especially girls, who are underrepresented in tech fields.

While jobs in tech fields constitute the fastest-growing career opportunities, the tech world is still an uneven playing field. Yikes! Various reasons could explain the lack of female participation, but there couldn’t be a better time to remedy the problem. Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea for girls to learn to code.

1. Girls who code can find their dream job

The opportunity to design the future is open! Coding holds a bright future as a career whose popularity is skyrocketing. Chances are that girls who learn to code will never be out of work. Even better, they’ll have the freedom to forge their own paths. Are you ready to build the next app already?

2. Coding empowers girls

The makers are the shakers with the power to make a difference. Coding allows kids to make their plans concrete by creating something and mastering their craft. When the expert speaks, everyone listens.

3. Coding gives girls additional career skills

Beyond pure programming, learning to code gives young people other essential career skills, including logical thinking, discipline, tenacity, and problem solving. There are so many useful life skills to seize right there!

4. Coding helps bridge the gender gap

Everyone has the same ability to be a techie. Without reinstating why it’s important that girl coders balance their male peers in number, it’s also important to allow all of us to think of them as programmers as well.

5. Coding is more accessible than you think

Coding isn’t nearly as difficult as you might expect—and it’s fun! There are several ways to learn, including enrolling in a local community coding class, self-learning by using a web based program like Minecraft Hour of Code or Construct 3, or enrolling in a coding class at school! It’s super easy. Just check out some of the great games the teenage girls from Boys and Girls Club created during a one hour session with Best Buy and ASUS!

6. Coding offers extracurricular fun

As a parent, you know how important it is that kids stay active outside of school. While sports and arts remain great options, coding is a great activity for kids to socialize, learn a new skill, and spend their time and energy doing. Time for some action!

7. Coding unleashes creativity

When you look at it, programming is certainly the ultimate DIY—girls can create their own website, animate a video, customize a platform, invent anything from a video game to a robot, or personalize things they love, like photos or a musical composition. Isn’t that awesome? Their imaginations are the only limit!

8. Coding gives girls a deeper insight into our technological world

Computer literacy is even more important as technology takes more and more space in our lives. Learning how to code teaches young people how everything works inside the screens. No secrets here: they’ll be fluent in the language that operates our world.

9. Coding brings people together

Whether they join a coding course or club or simply learn to code alongside you, coding offers a bonding experience that helps create a sense of much-needed community.

10. Coding creates young leaders

“I know how to code!” By saying it proudly, you inspire others who may want to have a look at it and do the same, from kids to adults of any age. By learning code or encouraging others to do so, girls can become role models for other kids. Others will see what their pals are doing, and it sparks an interest; they also learn by imitating adults around them. Take a step forward!

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