7 Sun Safety Tips to Get You Through Summer Burn Free


Sunburns don’t have to be synonymous with summertime.

The feeling of raw, tender and peeling skin is a sign that your skin cells have been wounded from too much UV radiation. Thankfully incorporating sun safety habits into your daily routine is simple, it just takes a little practice. 

Wear Sunscreen Every Day   

Wearing sunscreen every day of the year is one of the best ways to maintain your skin’s health.  Although the sun’s UV rays are strongest during the summer months, we’re exposed to harmful UV rays even in the coldest and cloudiest days of winter. This means that it’s crucial to incorporate sunscreen application into your daily routine, every day of the year.


Apply It the Right Way

Applying your sunscreen naked is the most efficient way to ensure that you’re not overlooking the less obvious areas on your body, like your hairline, the back of your knees or the tops of your feet. Additionally, sunscreen needs to be applied 20 to 30 minutes before going outdoors, which makes the early morning the most optimal time for application.

Store Your Sunscreen Properly

Sunscreen is only as effective as the way it’s stored. When sunscreen is exposed to direct heat, like in the backseat of your car or on your favourite towel when you’re lying in the beach, it degrades and weakens its sun protection. Stash your sunscreen at home in a cool place that’s not in direct sunlight and doesn’t experience fluctuates in temperatures. And when you’re having fun outdoors, storing your sunscreen in your cooler is your best bet.

Stay Cool  

While sunscreen is one of the most effective defences against harmful sun rays, the truth is that even the highest quality sunscreens can’t offer you 100 percent protection. Prioritize the health of your skin by wearing light, loose long-sleeve shirts and lightweight breathable pants or staying in the shade when the sun intensity is at its strongest from 10am to 3pm.   

Boost Your Protection  

Healthy skin it the foundation of the skincare and beauty industry, which is why so many products are taking precedence to sun safety by adding SPF protection into everything from primers to lip glosses and setting powder. Choosing beauty and skincare products with SPF is a smart way to protect your skin during the summer, but should be used with other sun safety methods and not in place of them. In other words, don’t skip your sunscreen because you’re also wearing SPF-infused foundation.  


Be Prepared

Sunburns happen when you least expect it. Always keep sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses on hand for those impromptu al fresco summer lunches or spontaneous outdoor adventures so that you can re-apply with ease. And when it comes to using sunscreen, be generous: dermatologists advise using two tablespoons (the equivalent of a shot glass) of sunscreen for your face and body.

Don’t Fly Without SPF  

The higher the altitude, the more sun protection your need. Researchers found that flying at an altitude at 30,000 feet exposes you to the same amount of carcinogens as 20 minutes in a tanning bed, according to JAMA Dermatology. Be sure to pack carry-on-sized sunscreen whenever you fly and reapply every two hours throughout your fight, especially if you’re a window seat flyer.