7 Ways to Make Your Home Cozier

Pete Johnson/Pexels

Don’t you love the feeling of a warm, cozy sweater? The cold season definitely prompts us to retreat in between walls, so why not enjoy the comfort of home!

Take this invitation to unwind, nest and embrace your hygge in a proper atmosphere. If you don’t have a fireplace to curl up to, here are a few ways to create a warm ambiance that will make you want to take it easy inside.

1. Cover your floors  

It’s as much for the benefit of your bare feet than for their luxury: an area rug will induce instant coziness to your decor. You can get creative while trying different styles in your rooms, or layer them for a cushy and eclectic look. Don’t hold back on the softness!

2. Add some fabric

The more, the better! Gather some plush pillows and pick up some throws to pile onto your sofa and bed, and get ready for a snuggly time. You can also opt for thicker curtains, or why not drape your wall for a wonderful visual effect.

3. Dress your table

The power of tablecloths is severely underrated. You can craft your own linen and runners, or reupholster your furniture for the perfect, personalized look.

4. Finders keepers

The charm of vintage objects is always a thoughtful add-on. Lived-in objects testify to authenticity, and the pleasure of searching and finding them is incomparable!

5. Bring the outdoors in

The comfort of the cottage can be mimicked anywhere by introducing organic materials and natural elements in your home. If you don’t have space for wooden furniture, you can pick up branches outside to display in a vase, or dry a bouquet of wild flowers.

6. All of the lights

Trade your fluorescent light bulbs with warm ones to dim the atmosphere in your house. Then, make your evenings special and relaxing with candlelight, the perfect accessory for some quiet fun.

7. Smell the difference

Longing for a calming ritual? Let your nose take the stress out of your mind with scented candles, which you can learn to make yourself. You can also invest in a diffuser to build your own essential oil fragrance. Warning, it’s highly addictive!