A Girls’ Guide To Floral Arrangement

FLOWERS, flowers and more flowers. Even a single flower in a tiny vase can brighten a room. It’s true! We’ve tested this theory. We're sure you've always loved flowers (so have we), but you don’t know (YET) how to make your arrangements look like you just walked them out of a boutique flower shop and into your life. Enter the Girl’s Guide to Floral Arrangement (that’s us and we’re here for you.) We’ve got pro tips, and creative inspiration for DIY floral arrangements in various sizes, styles and for different occasions. Let’s create some beauty!

Any flower arrangement starts with an occasion or an idea. You’ve got a little spot on your kitchen counter that needs some life? Want a bouquet style arrangement that will liven up your every day in a bedroom, office or living room? What about a stunning on trend centrepiece for your next adventure in party hosting? Yes? We thought so.

Today, we’re going to show you how to create three amazing floral arrangements – one epic centrepiece, an every day arrangement and a small (but beautiful) arrangement! Special thanks to Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® for partnering with us to add some beauty to the world! We recommend starting this process by thinking about the occasion, size and colour palette. Stay open minded since your favourite flowers may not be in season, but your NEW favourite flower might be available in abundance!

Epic Floral Centrepiece
Let’s start with a stunning centrepiece that’s as beautiful as it is easy to achieve! You’re sure to impress if you have this centrepiece at a party! We used a metallic chalice vintage style bowl.

Step 1: Make a list of complementary flowers, colour palette and container. For the centrepiece we wanted to use different rose varieties (sterling, blush, spray, and Joseph’s Coat) hydrangea, renunculas, peonies, eucalyptus and amaranthus. Our colour palette was purple, blush, pink, peach and greens.

Step 2: Soak your floral foam. Never used floral foam? Don’t be intimidated. This tool is the major key to making a big wow arrangement. Floral foam is very absorbent and holds a lot of water.

Step 3: Cut your floral foam to size using foam filler to be sure the surface of your container is totally covered for maximum arranging flexibility.

Step 4: Cut your flowers at a sharp angle and immediately place in the floral foam.

Step 5: Start with larger flowers and fill in with smaller accent flowers. Your arrangement can have more than one point of interest or focus. Don’t focus on total symmetry, but rather focus on balance.

Step 6: Use filler like eucalyptus and amaranthus last to not only fill gaps but create height and a hint of drama. (The good kind of drama.)

Step 7: With an arrangement like this centrepiece, budget roughly one hour for arranging time. Near perfection takes time, girl. And remember it is about YOUR version of perfect. If it looks perfect to you, then it is!

Every Day Arrangement
Next up, let’s create an every day arrangement. That is, of course, if every day for you is gorgeous and full of lots of pretty flowers. For this arrangement, we used dahlias, anemones, roses and wax flowers in purples and pinks. A teal green glass vase seemed like the perfect complement.

Step 1: Repeat Steps 1 – 4 from above.

Step 2: Start placing a variety of flowers in the centre and work your way out to the edges.

Step 3: Create height in the centre and cut the stems shorter around the edges to create a bouquet look and shape.

Step 4: Use wax flower filler to complete the arrangement. Then stand back and marvel at your arrangement – you’ve created something beautiful, girl!

Small Arrangement
Now for our favourite little beauty! For this arrangement, we used only blush roses in different sizes – both spray roses and medium size roses. Eucalyptus is the perfect minimal filler when you are going for a tiny chic arrangement. Our container is a small white translucent milk glass vase.

Step 1: Fill your vase with water.

Step 2: Select and cut your flowers so they will sit approximately 2 – 3 inches above the opening of the vase.

Step 3: Rubber band your flowers in bunches of 3 – 5 flowers of various sizes.

Step 4: When the vase mouth is full pull all the flowers out and wrap in eucalyptus leaves to cover the rubber bands.

Step 5: Carefully place the arrangement back into the vase – keeping your eucalyptus leaves in place

Step 6: Gingerly insert eucalyptus cuttings into the arrangement for a little extra styling to complete your gorgeous small arrangement!

Now you’re a floral arranging pro! That wasn’t too hard, was it? Special thanks to Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® for partnering with us to add some more beauty to the world!

  • large variety of flowers from your local flower market
  • variety of green "filler flowers" - we used amaranthus and eucalyptus
  • floral foam
  • knife to cut floral foam
  • Scissors
  • large bowl of water
  • chalice style vase (epic centerpiece)
  • medium sized glass vase (everyday arrangement)
  • small bud vase (small arrangement)