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Anyone can get a basic old dog leash, collar, and doodie bag at the store. However, your dog deserves more than just the basics. On this episode of Pet Projects, we're helping you walk your dog in style! With this easy DIY ombre dyed leash, custom dog collars, and a quick hack for a doggie poop bag, you will have everything you or your dog walker needs to have your pup set for a walk in the park.

You can bet your bottom dollar (or your last pet snack) that your pup will appreciate you 100% more when they know that you’ve made a gift for them that will help them look 10x more stylish. Who said that pups didn’t have a sense of style?

Ombré Dyed Rope Leash

Step 1: For this quick and easy DIY, you’re going to start off with your choice of fabric dye and mix it in with hot water to make it dissolve completely.

Step 2: Next, you will want to dump the dyed mix into the pot of cold water (approximately 1 gallon, or enough to sink your rope into.) Mix this well with a large utensil to make sure the dye is completely dissolved in the pot.

Step 3: Grabbing your twine (approximately 1 yard), throw it in the pot to have it start dyeing completely. Next, grabbing your cotton rope, dip one half completely in the dye while holding the other dry end on your hand. Make sure to stir with the utensil so the rope is able to absorb as much color as possible for 2 minutes.

Step 4: After you have let that end of the rope dye in the pot, remove one foot out and put it in a bowl of cold water, while still leaving the other foot in the pot with dye. You will want to do this every few minutes for the next few feet you pull out so the ombré effect looks more gradual. Repeat until you have finished pulling the rope from the pot into the clear water. Let your rope and twine dry.

Step 5: After your rope has completely dried, it’s time to start putting the rope clamps and snap hooks on the rope. One one end, loop in your snap hook and leave about 3 inches of rope to loop through it. Place the rope clamp over the loop to ensure both sides of the rope are in, and hammer away. Repeat this step for the other end just for the rope handle.

Step 6: After you have hammered in both sides with rope clamps, it is time to hide the metal with the twine. One the dyed side of the leash, begin to wrap the dyed twine over the rope clamp until it is completely covered. Repeat this for the opposite with natural colored twine to cover the other rope clamp.

And just like that – you are finished with your brand new ombré dyed rope leash! Now on to add more goodies!

Custom Dog Collars

For the next part of the ultimate pet-cessories trio, it is time to customize your dog collars. We’re sure that your pup has a lot of character, so just a regular plain collar won’t do justice. Here’s how you can match your dog’s mood to their collar in three wasy ways!

Step 1A: Begin with a clean canvas by grabbing a plain leather collar. Start off by cutting small little pieces of painter’s tape to create a angular color-blocking pattern on the collar for you to paint on.

Step 1B: Choose two colors of acrylic paint to use on your leather collar. One one section, paint one a solid color. Repeat this step for the other blank spot with a different color (or the same based on how you want your collar to look!)

Step 1C: Remove the strips of painter’s tape and let it dry. Then, marvel at your upgraded color blocked dog collar!

Step 2A: Grab your other collar and align it with the end of your fabric of choice.

Step 2B: Fold the fabric twice over the collar to measure out how much you need to wrap it as a sleeve. Make a mark to where you will need to cut. Cut along the line, and also cut vertically to see how short you want your sleeve.

Step 2C: Place a strip of fusing tape on the horizontal side of the fabric (pattern side up). Setting aside your collar, iron the fusing tape on the fabric.

Step 2D: Wrap the other side of the fabric onto the fusing tape. This should form your collar sleeve as you measured it out.

Step 2E: Iron the sleeve down to fuse the two sides together and create a creased sleeve.

Step 2F: Cut away any stray threads, and insert the collar in the sleeve. And just like that, you’re done!

Step 3A: Grab your final collar and lay it down flat on the table.

Step 3B: Using your ribbon of choice, measure out the amount of ribbon that you want to use to add to the collar. Cut to how long you want it to be.

Step 3C: Using hot blue, begin attaching your ribbon to the collar. Let it dry, and you are done!

Coin Purse Doggie Doodie Bag

Finally, time to add the finishing touch to your leash/collar combo! Can’t go on a walk without your pet’s poop bags, right?

Step 1: Using a leather coin purse with a keychain loop, place it on a scrap surface that you can use to hammer into.

Step 2: Using a grommet set holepunch, place the holepunch where you would like to cut into on one side of the coin purse. Hammer it in, and it should cut out the hole perfectly. If you do not have a holepunch, feel free to use a craft knife set to cut out the hole where you want it.

Step 3: Add in both sides of your grommet in the hole and sandwich it in with the grommet set. Hammer both sides together so the grommets attach onto the purse.

Step 4: Place your doggie bag roll in the coin purse, and pull one end of the bags into the grommet hole.

Step 5: Close your coin purse and attach the purse to your handle part of the leash. And just like that you’re all set!

Did you like this magnificent trio of pet-cessories? How are you dying your leashes and customizing your collars? Show us how you were inspired by this episode of Pet Projects by tagging us on Instagram and using #PetProjects and #BeMakeful!

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