Free Printable Pride Temporary Tattoos

Pride Month is in full effect, but just because it's June it doesn't mean that you have to only celebrate one month out of the year! Pride is to be celebrated everyday, which is why these printable temporary tattoos are great year round! Grab some temporary tattoo paper, and put these on, just in time to show them off for summer!

STEP 1: Make sure to download and print out our FREE DOWNLOAD for our Pride Month temporary tattoos on temporary tattoo paper. Please make sure to look over the instructions of your temporary tattoo first to see which pages to print on. The printable will come our mirrored, so don’t be surprised if they come out looking reversed.

STEP 2: When the ink has dried completely on the paper, time to start adding your adhesive paper to your printout. Start by detaching the thin strip from the adhesive paper and line it up to your paper.

STEP 3: Using a card, begin sticking on the rest of the adhesive paper on to your print and smooth out any bubbles while rolling it out.

STEP 4: Cut out your tattoos, and make sure that you cut as close to the tattoo so you’re not leaving a lot of clear adhesive on your skin.

STEP 5: Remove the plastic from your tattoo, stamp on to your desired area on your skin, and dampen the tattoo with a wet sponge until the paper slides off your skin.

And ta-da! You have your new set of ink to show off your pride!

Put it on yourself, with your friend, and even your partner to celebrate pride all year round!

Show us how you show your pride and make sure to tag us on Instagram @BeMakeful! We’d love to see it on you!