How to Cope with Stress Based on Your Sign


Whether we’re juggling responsibility like a side-show clown, or simply trying to get through the week without emptying our entire week's pay into the swear jar, stress is an inevitable side effect of life.

It’s an element of living that we must learn to cope with, but do we all cope with it in the same way? Of course not! That’s why we’ve put together the ideal ways to cope with stress, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign, and this makes them full of energy! Aries has a tendency to be short tempered, so if stress builds up with no release, it can become a volcanic eruption. The best way for an Aries to let off steam is to channel it through competitive sport. Anything that will let an Aries direct their physical strength and energy in a healthy way will leave them feeling refreshed and regenerated! So go be your warrior self, Aries! (In a non-threatening way of course!)

Some astrologers refer to Taurus as the Buddha of the Zodiac, but despite their calm and steady nature, there is a strong stubborn streak within a Taurus that can unintentionally lead them into stressful situations. The best way for these bulls to find their inner tranquility is to do what they do best; enjoy the sensual luxuries of life. Whether it be fine cuisine, lavish blankets, or a romantic date night set with a massage, Taureans need to enjoy the finer things to fend off stress.

Geminis are the queens of social interaction. They can effortlessly dance from one conversation to another and keep up with what everyone is doing — without missing a beat! However, Geminis get incredibly restless when they have nothing on the go, and this can lead to depressive states. The best way for a Gemini to cope is to keep their minds busy by learning new things, and to share those experiences with others. Nothing excites a Gemini more than being able to share their fun, new experiences at a party or gathering.

As the nurturers of the zodiac, it’s a no-brainer why Cancers can be total worrywarts. It also doesn’t help that they are incredibly sensitive and empathic, so it’s quite easy for a Cancer to get stressed out. Cancers love the comforts of childhood and often reminisce the good old days of being a worry-free kid! That’s why watching one of their favourite sad movies while indulging in not-so-healthy junk foods can help ease their stress. Get the tissues ready! Crying is a good (and healthy) release.

Leos are very strong, resilient people that can hold a lot on their proud shoulders. However, when they start to feel unappreciated, they begin to lose their golden glow. In order to get back on top again, these lions need to become more playful. Much like Cancer, Leos also seek their inner child, so letting go of some responsibility and taking time to play a game or watch a comedy can really help change their disposition.

Virgos are practical and like organization. When their home is in disarray, or if something throws a wrench into their plans, they may start to get anxious over their lack of control. These folks benefit from purging useless stuff from their home, and creating a more organized space — and they actually enjoy the process! So go ahead and be a neat-freak, Virgo. You can clean your house despite others telling you it’s not “relaxing”. After all, it’s not neurotic if it makes you feel better.

It’s a rare occasion to find a Libra stressed out, as they are generally the most laid back and balanced of all the zodiac, but that doesn’t make them entirely immune to the pressures of life. These peacekeepers generally don’t like aggressiveness in any form, and their relationships are their first priority. The best way for a Libra to cope in stressful situations is to discuss it with their significant other and gain emotional reassurance that someone else is on their team and they are not alone.

Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac. They have the ability to endure unimaginable levels of stress, but that doesn’t mean that they should. Scorpio is a very deep and spiritual sign. They aren’t fans of the light and fluffy stuff, they simply want to get to the truth of things. The best way for them to eliminate stress is to delve into their own psyche and become their own therapist. Scorpios aren’t afraid to face the mirror, so in exploring the deepest parts of their mind, they find their own inner peace.

It’s hard to imagine a jovial Sagittarius stressed out, but the truth is, they hide their stress very well. If a Sagittarian begins to feel boxed into any kind of situation, they may have an impulse to run. These folks love freedom and travel, and can feel caged in by small minds and repressive routine. A great form of stress relief would be a vacation to another country, but if the budget doesn’t allow for such travels, a back country camping trip would do the trick. Adventure and outdoor activity will sooth their wanderlust souls.

What most signs would consider to be the least relaxing activity, Capricorns thrive on, and that would be work. These guys are the workhorses of the zodiac and they are likely to want to work harder when they feel the grind of stress, however life does need balance and downtime. Public image is just as important to a Capricorn as their down-time, so a night out on the town with co-workers can be a great way to unwind without missing a beat in the work scene. Just don’t wear the boss pants when it’s time to let loose!

Aquarians are humanitarians; the water bearers, so feeling the call to change the world in some way can really weigh these people down with over-thinking and complex ideas. Sometimes, these folks need to disconnect with the collective and focus on themselves for a while — and Aquarians have some very unique and original hobbies that they can indulge in. Take a break from all that internet research, and finish knitting that astronaut outfit for your pet Iguana!

Pisces are dreamers and are already good at dodging stress by simply pretending the stressor doesn’t exist, and it’s a great approach! They are a very sensitive water sign that can go with the flow like the fish that represents them, but Pisces biggest issue can be escapism through unhealthy vices. The best way for them to cope is indeed escaping reality for a bit, but in a healthy way like music, fantasy films, or by simply using their imagination to take them to far off places.