How To Create A Wedding Balloon Arch

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This stunning and unique archway mixes balloons and leaves for a classy and fun effect! This DIY is incredibly easy to make and affordable, and guarantees a jaw-dropping decorative accent for your party. Use it as a charming way to shine the spotlight on your guests as they arrive, or as a centerpiece to highlight your dessert table at your wedding. Beautiful on a budget.

STEP 1: Inflate your balloons – we recommend using a balloon pump or inflator, unless you have lungs of steel!

STEP 2: Attach your glue dots to one side of your balloon, and begin connecting your balloons! Continue adding dots of glue to create a bunch of “balloon bouquets”. Have fun switching up the sizes and colors of balloons to make it as eclectic as possible!

STEP 3: Use packing tape to attach your balloon bouquets to the chicken wire. Keep them closely bunched together so there’s no gaps.

STEP 4: Affix your utility hooks to the wall, and suspend your chicken wire on it. Use gaffer’s tape to secure the wire to the wall. Manipulate the wire to create an arch – this will be the base for your balloons.

STEP 5: Continue filling in the balloon bouquets into the chicken wire with packing tape and make sure to fill in any gaps you may notice.

STEP 6: Final touch – stick your flowers in between the balloons. Make sure to arrange the mini bouquets with floral tape rather than floral wire and create a variety of florals to top off the entire arch. Be sure not to use any flowers with thorns, we don’t want the balloons to start popping!

And just like that, you’ll be astonished with the amazing balloon arch that you made yourself! Your guests will be mesmerized with this elegant addition to your soirée, and it will be the life of the party!